Dipstick question, oil change

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Mar 1, 2010
Western WA
Okay, I changed my oil with filter, put in 8 quarts, and the level is 1/2" over the full mark. This happened last time too but didn't ask. Think maybe I have the wrong dipstick? Is that a possibility? How can I tell? Buy another dipstick?
Check to see if it has the part number 15301-60031 (01/71 - 9/77) on it, opposite of the gauge.
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My 77 seems to have the right level when I add the FSM oil amount-(it's a 6-77 production date engine). I'll check the dipstick part no tomorrow.
FWIW my '75 2F 8.5 qts. with filter change.
My 8/77 takes about 7 and a half quarts. I usually start it on 7 and let it run a couple minutes then fill to the full mark. Just saying that mine would go over on 8 quarts.
or did you do like I did once and get two 5 quart jugs instead of the gallon jugs I thought I was getting!
Engine was warm, only the third oil change since rebuild, no sludge. I will check the part number but this level check was after several miles of driving. No easy way of draining it to the full mark.
Yeah, I was thinking how slow I could get some to escape without wearing it all. Might be worth doing a special cleaning of my drain pan just in case I lose too much. Rather large drain hole with fine threads.
I can't imagine getting the drain plug back in once it starts flowing. I'd be inclined to unscrew it slowly until you have a steady stream with a thread of two of the plug still in place. I'd rather wait 30 minutes for a quart to drain than get covered in oil trying to stop the flow of oil with the drain plug.
My thoughts exactly. I still have the vision of the tsunami when I pulled the plug last week. Rots and rots of oil right now!
Yeah, I thought about that scenario but the rig was pretty level on my barn concrete floor and the plug was out for almost an hour while I pulled my valve cover for an inspection. Not impossible but it seemed like a lot of oil. At any rate I will be removing some and not adding it all at once from now on. And only pulling the front tires up on the pad and leaving the back ones a little lower. Thanks, keep the ideas rolling.
Hey, if anyone needs to remove a small amount of oil I have a suggestion. I pulled the oil pressure sender out of the oil cooler and let it drain into a pan. I needed more so I placed a board as a splash guard with the bottom in the pan and pulled the coil wire and turned it over until I figured I had half a quart. Worked like a charm and now I am just a hair over the full mark. Thanks for the suggestions and pass along the tip. Beats messing with the drain plug by a long shot! :beer:

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