For Sale Dillon, MT. FJ62 Engine, transmission and transfer case.

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Mar 13, 2011
Dillon, MT
3fe engine, transmission, and transfer case from 1989 FJ62. 200,000 miles. It ran and shifted fine when I took it out. Just wanted something else. The vacuum actuator on the transfer case did break while being taken out.
do you have the engine wiringharness, ecu and airflowmeter for sale of this engine.
Yes, I have all that with the engine. The wiring harness is not fully intact but should all be there. Radiator is also with it. I can get compression numbers as well when I get back home in a few days.
I would be interested in compression numbers. Also any detail you could provide on the aspects of the harness that are not in tact (how many cuts, or missing/broken connectors)
Thank you
pm sent on T-case
Were you able to get compression numbers? Also, your CL ad states 175k miles. Do you know whether it's 175k or 200k?

If Matt takes the tcase, I may be interested in just the engine only or engine/trans.
@toywyo is this sold?
I sent a message last week and the craigslist ad is gone

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