Diesel cruiser on used Vic $2000

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I just went and looked at this truck. Steel blue colour, body is in great shape. Right rear door is a little rusty, could probably use a new door. Interior is fantastic. A little mildewy smelling just from sitting in the trees, but the dash especially is mint. Blue interior. 2H engine starts fairly rough. Blows blue for a good minute or two, even on a 20 degree summer afternoon. Apparently Radd diagnosed 2 low compression cylinders. But it smooths out when it warms up. HOWEVER, major problem is rotten frame. Rear swaybar mount has fallen right off. I could put my finger through the frame in several spots. Leaf springs are flat, or maybe even a little inverted. Pretty standard for a 60 of that vintage though. I talked my buddy out of making an offer -- he doesn't need a project that big.
2g for a 60 with a sick motor and a rotten frame... I'd pass too.

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