Did Some Mods To The Hundo! PICS!!!

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May 21, 2004
San Diego
Hey Guys

Finally got around to finishing up some mods ont he Hundo, here are a few sneak peaks.

Waiting on lug nuts and tires to arrive so i can get these damn chrome wheels off! :D

Big thanks to John @ San Diego TRUX for helping install the lift!

DBA Series 4000 Drilled and Slotted XS Rotors
OME Torsion Bars
OME 864 Rear Coils
OME Front N133 Shocks
OME Rear N47L Shocks
African Outback Load Bars
Eezi Awn 1800 Roof Tent
Slee Offroad Tube Sliders
Slee Offroad Dual Battery Tray
Rasta 4x4 HD Skid Plate
Factory Steel Wheels (Austrailian)



Looks good dude. Your not installing your own lift? What have you turned into? lol

Already, got a friends 80, that i am working on, torn apart in my driveway, dont wanna turn this into Sanford and Son! :D John is the only dude i trust working on my rig!

See you this weekend man.

Yup! My cheapass will be driving my little civic though! 40mpgs! :D
Looking good Kevin. She's demanding you throw a BajaOverland sticker on her somewhere! :)

Thanks Scott

Yes, i am thinking of having some new ones made in a black/grey color scheme

Looking very nice Kevin. Send a sticker. I'd be proud to advertise for you!
What kind of wheels are you going with?
Very nice! Can't wait to see it with all the mods and a little Baja dirt on her.
Looking good Kevin. Man someday maybe I will have an old man Cruiser to explore in too. :flipoff2:

Seriously can't wait to see it with the OZ steelies. I have a few Australia and New Zealand off road mags my buddy brought back for me and they look sweet. Of course the solid front axle on the base 100s they get helps them look even better. :D

Looking forward to see how yours turns out.

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