Decent Replacement for Now-Banned Wedco Jerry Cans? (1 Viewer)

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Feb 3, 2008
Western Colorado
I was fortunate enough to by a new 5-gallon jerrycan (Wedco) with the old-style curved-latch cap. Since they are no longer available, what is the consensus on a good replacement ? Do the CARB-compliant Wedco cans seal as well as the old-style cap?
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They have them made new but stamped "not for fuel" to comply with regulations. They were also selling original ones that had been refurbished for quite a bit less but they didn't show up when I searched their website.

I haven't heard of any CARB compliant cans sealing as well as the originals.
anything CARB compliant will leak like crazy.
they may seal fine and contain the fuel inside, but once you try to fill using their "compliant" spouts, you'll end up with more on the ground/your hands/shoes/etc. than in the tank...
"Will not ship to California" :frown:

glad my brother lives in Arizona!

they say "Each can holds 20 liters (5 gal.) of fuel or any other liquid.

Um . . . does that mean petrol fuel or diesel fuel? Can't you not put diesel in a petrol can? Something about different seals on the interior?
any thought on putting diesel in these?

better yet anybody with a set and their thoughts?
I don't know. We here in SC seem to actually move back in time instead of forward. We don't have smog stations and about 10 years ago we got rid of vehicle inspections.
I never said Kalifornia was moving forward.:flipoff2:

Their CARB and SMOG requirements seem to be adopted by many states as well as the FED's.

As an example try to find a non-CARB compliant can anywhere in the US.
I have the wedco carb compliant can and the can with the screw lid does not leak. I have nothing against the can. The problem is the spout. The carb compliant spout is a real pain and I believe it creates more release of gasoline to the environment than it prevents. However, my solution is to not use the spout, if I can avoid it. My bumper mount for the can is on the filler side and the can sits higher than the filler inlet. I can use a super siphon to easily transfer the can contents into the tank. This would also work with cans on the roof.

What he said. I use a super siphon hose about half of the time - even with a pre-CARB can.

CARB cans aren't bad - it's the spouts. You should be OK with a CARB can and a super siphon.

I had a source for as many new manufacture pre-CARB design NATO cans that I could purchase. Sadly if I would have resold them I would have been in a huge hunk of trouble with EPA... :crybaby:
On the AMA D37 message board (Off-Road motorcycle racing) here in SoCal there was a post yesterday about non-CARB compliant gas cans and the California Highway Patrol (CHP).

The CHP is pulling people over with visable fuel containers and citing those that are non-compliant! The problem appears related to how the cans are sealed. If you have a sealed lid/cap with no spout or hose you are probably OK...Maybe? But if you have a spout, hose, or the can seeps, you will be cited. It makes no difference if you have a cap or valve on the spout or hose because it must be self closing to meet carb rules.

I called one my buddies who is CHP, he confirmed this is happening and was not sure what the ticket costs, but said it could be quite expensive depending on circumstances. He also said they can cite for having fuel in non-rated containers.

For those that have lots of fuel cans hanging on their rigs, pay attention to how they are secured and sealed.

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One more thing to add to an ever growing list reasons never to set foot in the People's Republic of Kalifornia.
So I bought a metal CARB can. Cupla observations:

1. The auto shutoff on the spout really sucks. You guys are right on there.

2. I filled my can with exactly 5 gallons, screwed the cap on hand-tight, set the can on its edge in the hot hot sun and waited for the lid to leak. Sat 3 days at 90+ temps and 60 degree nights. Did not leak a drop.

3. The spout's tube is pretty small and it takes me about 10 minutes to empty the 5 gallons into my truck. I ain't the strongest anymore and my truck has a shell so I can't rest the can on the bed rail. I get the can propped up on my knee and manage to get that long long long tube into the gas filler, but by the time I've dicked around with that "safety" valve and finally get the gas flowing, the fill spout pops out of the filler spout and pees gasoline all over the place...

Maybe I can rig up a longer and larger diameter fill tube...

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