Cover / tarp for 80?

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Sep 4, 2013
May be storing my 80 outside in Washington state for a while. Had an indoor space booked but they emailed me yesterday and said that their warehouse storage for vehicles is closed. So, I'm looking into outdoor storage, at best it may be covered.

Has anyone has any experience with outdoor storage? What's the best thing to cover it? It is monsta-lined so I don't need to worry too much but still want to protect it. Does anyone make covers for them? Or is it better to go generic?
California car covers makes a nice cover an will even customize it for you. They last about 4 years and then need to be replaced. They work very well to keep sun off the paint and out of the interior. Not cheap, but very high quality.

Custom Car Covers | California Car Cover Co. Official Site
being we have so much sun here I really like the white color car covers, they are made of the same material as shipping envelopes. The problem with UV is that every cover I have had falls apart within about 6 months here. The white ones last about a year. I have kinda given up on finding a good cheap long term cover. I have heard sunbrella is good stuff but $$. I would like to find something though eventually just to keep the rig clean when parked so it is ready to go when I need it.
Sunbrella looks nice, but the price... May end up with Amazon deal.
I use a California car cover for my trailer. I just ordered my third one. They do last about 4 years. I use it outside, parked under a tree....can't help that. The material used to make my cover is actually a step up from sunbrella. It does a great job but it's not cheap.
I use a 10 X 20 car canopy get about 3 years before I replace. Often on sale @ Pep Boys for $99, of Harbor Freight for $120. I lash mine down with a bucket of rocks at each leg.
Never been to Washington, maybe it isn't rainy this time of year, but all I can think about is trapped moisture.
watch out for those canopies. I had one but did not do a good job of anchoring it down. It got blown by a strong wind into the truck and did some damage.
How well does this fit with a rear swing out bumper? I don't care about my paint since it's Monstalined, but I want to keep the sun out of the interior.

I can actually stretch it from front bumper over the back tire on the carrier - 37in tire on 4x4Labs bumper. It tucks around rear corners at the bottom of bumper, as well...pretty snug fit, but it works. The gas carrier rack sticks out, cannot cover tire and that rack, but non issue for me.

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