Considering a 95 80 - help please

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Sep 20, 2008
Des Moines, IA
I'm normally over in the 40 section, but am considering selling my 99 Taco and buying an 80 model.

I'm looking at a 1995 80 with locking diffs, just under 100k, 1 owner, looks to be well kept. $7950 is what they are asking.

Here are a couple of photos. I've read the help section and searched, but have a few questions. One is check out the hood ornament on the front of photo 2 - is this stock? Also the back has an emblem that is VX-R anyone know what this means?

I haven't driven it yet, but am going to ask my father in law. Does it generally seem like a good price given the options? TIA!
95 80.jpg
95 80 2.jpg
95 80 3.jpg
$7950 is a great price for a 95 80 with 100k considering you'll give something south of the asking. The issue surrounding emissions testing and title are worth considering I would think.
If the maintenance has been kept up that's a good deal especially since it doesn't have the POS port-installed roof rack.
the emblems could have been added, but take a good look the emblems and hood orament are weird and as someone said it may be an imported crusier... ... at it sounds like a great deal...
Under the hood will have the Sticker that says if it is USA complaint and how many states and if it is OBDII (Which it should state). If you will read the sticker you will know more about if it is a US truck or take the Vin # and run it to see it history.

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