Condensation in the 2013 200 series

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Oct 26, 2017
Hi all - it's been between 15-25 degrees farenheit in my area and I have noticed an increased amount of condensation in the interior of my 200 series. Particularly, in the front and rear passenger side windows. It's manageable but, noticed it can be a hazard when checking my blind spots. My parents have a 2006 Toyota Sequoia and I can't say I remember having this experience in that vehicle during the winters.

I typically need to have the defrost set on med high to high in order to keep the condensation reasonable and if not, it takes over the windshield and windows fairly quickly. I notice the condensation build up about 10 minutes after I enter the vehicle. I usually have the heat on auto, around 70-75 degrees, with the air recirculation feature engaged.

Is there anyone else here experiencing high level of condensation in the cold and if so, is this natural or should I be looking for a problem?


(BONUS - I've noticed my mpg drop about 2 miles in this type of cold (16.2 vs. 18.4 on the highway), is this normal? If not, what should I be looking for?)
I usually have the heat on auto, around 70-75 degrees, with the air recirculation feature engaged.

You are the source of the moisture causing the condensation. You need to get the moist air out of the cabin, switch to Fresh Air mode.

Or your recirc door is busted, but I thought it usually fails in Fresh Air mode (like mine is).
Below freezing there will be less moisture in the air OUTSIDE than inside as it will freeze and drop to the ground. Have your vent set to fresh AND run the A/C as it will pull out any further moisture. If you are using recirculated air (warms quicker) again use the A/C to "dry" the air.

Lastly, check you recirculate door as mentioned above to make sure it is even working properly.
At some temperatures (usually just below freezing), the AC system will not engage the compressor to keep the evap coil from icing up. But the incoming fresh air will be very low absolute humidity, so it isn't needed to get the inside air dehumidified, so the dew point will be below the inside glass temp.
Disengage your air recirculation feature (put into fresh air mode) and - unless something is broken - your condensation problem should disappear. As mentioned, air conditioning will not work below about 35 DEGF, so not a concern in your case at temps of 15-25 DEGF.

I had this issue on my LX for several winters and nothing worked. Finally last summer the dealership found a small leak in my AC. As soon as they recharged the AC system the problem went away.

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