Code 55 Knock Sensor causing really rough/weak running

Jun 8, 2015
I broke off the knock sensor during PHH as stated in previous thread, knew one on the way. I temporarily glued the broken one.

Drove on the freeway today <10 miles after new radiator, PHH, thermostat, and heater valve. As soon as I got on it started running really rough and really weak, very little power. Step on the accelerator and it hardly increases, sounds like it's really struggling and deep exhaust note. A few mins in it started vibrating/shaking. I don't have my digital gauge in, waiting for the adaptor tee but the analog gauge did not exceed the mid point but it sure did feel hot.

I read the code after my class I drove to.

Could this be cause by the code 55 knock sensor causing the ECU to cause it to run rough?

When I drove it earlier down my neighborhood street it ran fine while I assume the glued on knock sensor held.

Thanks guys
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