Clutch fork spring

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May 6, 2009
Arizona - PHX area
I get the sense on my newly reassembled ‘82 FJ45 that after shifting the clutch isn’t fully engaging on an intermittent basis, it’s as though the clutch fork isn’t fully returning and would benefit from a return spring. On teardown I did not find a spring however on the parts diagram I see a spring present just curious if you guys have those or not

All the other push rods and pedal movement have been adjusted to spec
You need a return spring. You need to keep the throwout bearing from riding on the pressure plate. I'm not sure if they're available thru Toyota. I'm sure Ap stores have generic ones.
Yeah, there's normally a little bracket (31238), but it's just light steel with a little loop, nothing special.

Odd that both are missing, but things happen over the years. 😆
Any resemblance between my rig today and how it left the factory, is strictly coincidental….😜
Toyota still has the springs. Less than $10.

Toyota still has the springs. Less than $10.

Thanks! I got a can full of old original Toyo springs, If I cant find one suitable, Ill pull the $10 trigger
I went through my stash of spare parts and couldn’t find a suitable bracket anywhere so maybe just a simple linear bracket that lined up very nicely.
The mystery of the missing spring has been solved I was getting ready to drill a small hole in the fork tip to receive the spring, not really looking forward to that job, and the bit went right through the caked in dirt that somehow fill the hole perfectly…..😜

Ran it through a couple cycles and gear changes and definitely improve the pedal field thanks guys for the pictures that helped a lot
The spring helped, however I think I found the real source of the problem. The fork had come misaligned and when I corrected it it’s rubbing against the new floor pan I installed.

I was worried that might be an issue. It’s not bad but I’m gonna need to take the mallet to the floorboards and see if I can find a quarter of an inch clearance or more
Are you missing the clips # 31232 ?
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Are you missing the clips # 31232 ?
Luckily it was caught in the cover plate.

I did confirm I need to bend some steel to make clear path for the fork. Hopefully no sparks but most definitely some pounding......
A necessary but not too pleasant detour.

When I was doing the rust repair I anticipated some possible clearance issues because I wasn’t certain the replacement panels would be an exact fit as far as I could measure everything looked OK, but I knew the clutch fork was an at risk situation.

I didn’t need to move much steel but the access was horrible there was no way to pull it from the top and no clear shot to tap out it from the bottom so I took a broken air hammer bit doled out as best I could and then use that to pound a little bubble for the clutch fork to pass through.

Unfortunately the interference point was right where three planes met and that steel did not want to bend. No way to do bodywork on it but I’ll put in some more sound deadener and touch up paint and that will have to do. I also learned I need to get up if your spring for the clutch return but right now the clearance is good and I put some more tension on the retainer clip

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