Cleghorn trail

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Apr 24, 2011
Orange County, CA
Has anybody run Cleghorn recently?
I've had the truck parked on the driveway for a while an I NEED to take it on the dirt.
Although its still pretty much stock (-runners, +305's), if I remember it should be able to do it right?
I don't want to have rocker damage yet since it will have sliders installed in the next couple weeks but can't wait to take it out.
Thinking about driving up there Sunday.
About a month ago, you will probably find a mud member tooling around cleghorn

Well, didn't even have to get to Cleghorn to find a member. The wife, baby and I were running a little late and decided to stop at IN-N-Out near the house in Orange when I noticed a nice 80 a few cars behind the drive-thru lane. We happened to park next to each other and after introductions and chatting for a few minutes he was nice enough to change his plans of going to the Mud Holes and come with us to Cleghorn. We had a great time.
Thanks TJ for helping us get through without any damage.

We made it through pretty quickly and didn't stop for pictures through the more fun areas but here are a few from a couple stops (nothing too wild but always fun)

My little guy playing with one of TJ's four legged kids

Another shot flexing the stock suspension


Yes, cant wait to hit some more trails with other 80 drivers.
Very cool. TJ is a hell of a guy and knows Cleghorn well.

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