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May 24, 2009
Hi everyone, I'm a FNG doing a first time post. Just pulled my buddies old 79 out of the weeds and am tearing it down. Tub is very repairable but decided to go with a new Cool Cruisers tub because of time constraints and other reasons, so Im on the list for a new 3/4 tub. Was wondering if anyone has RECENT experience with the Costa Rican tubs, before I plunck down a bunch of change. Any comments would be appreciated. Thx
oh Boy not a wiz at this, that might take a while Im in NEBR

You can text me 8705043640

Oh and I think you’re better off with the CCOT tub. Proven results and should get here quicker than some of the other tub options if you’re going steel instead of aluminum or fiberglass
Read up here on PACOL and other brands to learn about the offshore experience. You want a US-sourced tub in my opinion for a host of reasons.
Post a picture of your tub. If you’re close and it’s truly repairable I might be interested.
I think he's looking at a CCOT 3/4 tub which means he will be keeping the cowl . so no tub to sell. The CCOT tub, I believe has square rear corner openings for a tailgate instead of the curved corners for ambulance doors. I would confirm that before buying. I had one from the guy who ran the SA tubs before CCOT and it had square corners.
For what it’s s worth...I got rear fenders from some USA vender (I forget who now), mostly because I would never use them again. I had to do so much work to get them to fit, and look right. I got a rear sill assembly from ccot and it went in with out a hitch

Good luck!

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