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Still have an unopened Koyo aluminum radiator for a 95-97 FZJ80.. also an unopened Tough Dog steering stabilizer I’d sell for $50



Sold my ‘99. I have SCS F5’s bronze with Cooper ST maxx 285/75r16 and MetalTech OPOR sliders for sale. Both have less than 600 miles on them. $1550 wheels/tires and $650 sliders.



If anyone is getting rid of their AHC and needs some free OEM T bars and springs let me know. I've got a set in my garage I just took off, I figure Ill hold them for a month in case some one needs them.
What do u t
hink guys, 189k Km and only $6000
Anyone need or looking for a pelican case? I’ve got a 1650 that has had very little use. One of the photos is of the bottom showing minimal scratches. In great condition, existing foam included but has been picked a bit. Am asking for $175. Let me know if interested.

Extra parts laying. ‘99 LC is gone.
AcDelco Balljoint (555 stamped)- $30
Moog outer tie rod (driver side, 555 stamped)- $50
ARB diff breathers (never opened)- $65
Toyota camshaft position sensor (swapped in to solve an issues. Didn’t fix it so brought it back out. Almost new)- $100

I need a section of upholstery from the bucket seats in a a late model FJ40 that has not faded. I am recovering a set of aftermarket seats and would like to get the gray as close as possible. PM me if you can help me out. I will be glad to make it worth your time.
If anyone in the area can help. It would be appreciated. I will be in Bogart/Athens over Labor Day weekend. I’m trying to get my 100 finished for a couple of events before I move down that way permanently in November after I retire from the Marine Corps. I look forward to getting involved with y’all then!

I had a right rear door glass shot out of my 100. Can you all be on the look out for a bronze 100 series RR door glass please (operating panel - not vent).

you sure as hell cant throw that out there without telling the back story.
Yeah, reported. We and the locals have been investigating. Pretty sure kids. We narrowed it to a location with about 4 houses. Found a bunch of apples in the street and evidence of kids hanging out in the woods along a creek where it happened. Of course the interviews chalked up nothing. CRS all around.

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