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Best Country to find and Import FJ40 from?

Discussion in 'Importing' started by Sinktip, Apr 20, 2017 at 12:41 AM.

  1. Sinktip


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    White Rock, BC
    I'm a long time Yota guy. Lots of pickups and early 4Runners over the years. I'm nearing 50 and finally looking for a clean FJ40 for a restoration project. Must run and drive along the way - I am looking for something without major rust issues requiring repairs.
    I am also embarking on a 10 month, 10 country 20 city world tour this year. My company is sending me to help train people in Europe, North Afica and Asia so I am going to be be in 'Cruiser country a lot of the time.
    I intend to keep an eye out for 1 or more suitable vehicles to ship home to Canada (makes sense to fill a shipping container right).
    What are the best regions or countries to deal with to export cars from? I'm thinking Morrocco might be tough but Spain might be easier. Just trying to educate myself as to what to expect and which countries to eliminate.