Aussie locker install into full float axle

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Jan 22, 2003
Silicon Valley
Can you guys/gals take a look to see if I installed the aussie locker correctly into my spared 3rd member, I have a rear full-floater and running ARB lockers both front and rear so no c-clip to be dealt with. Just don't want find out on the trail that I screwed up on the installation.


Aussie locker and the stock open spare 3rd member that I've been carrying around


Everything unpacked


Removed the bolt that keep the cross shaft in place


Removed the cross shaft


Removed the spider gears and their brass spacers


Removed the side gears but keep these brass spacers


Installed the spacer onto the Aussie side gear, applied some grease. Did this for both sides


Installed the inside plate, did it for both side


Installed the aussie spacers, little springs and little steel pins, installed the cross shaft, and tightened the bolt.
One of the spring flew away but after 10 minutes of searching the ground I found it :D


Measured the gap, yes, it was between the range of the specs according the installation sheets.


Final product, I need to clean up the old gasket on diff (which I did). I hope I don't to install this on the trail but who knows.

Look ok to you guys/gals? Thanks.
Looks like you got it....
Yep, looks good.

On a sidenote, how are the springs and pins held in the side gears? I have lock-rites and they just have a little slot to slide in. They are not open like that.
yes it looks a okay

their are slots that the pins sit in, you only see have the pin the other half is in the hole and the spring holds it in , on top of the pins their are notches that hold the spring from moving and also on the opposite end the spring sit in a drilled hole as well. try getting those in with one hand...
Thanks for posting this up. If I get around to it I may be installing mine this Sun. If not it will be next weekend.
Nice work :)

Now the real test is if you were doing that for the first time in Moab. Have a shop light hanging off your rear bumper and a drunk CDAN trying to tell you how to install it ;p

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