anyone here have a Mosely Motors engine installed?

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I'm trying to see what customers think of their F2 motor mods.

@FJ60Cam and the In-House Staff at Mosely Motors are Concept Visionary's when it comes to pushing ever further , charting new territory , and setting

the current Bench Mark for exploring the full potential of what never was in a 2F and what can now be .....

His work is tight and done using Toyota's Factory Focus Point Mindset Approach school of thought , by hand and with pride ......



3F 6.jpeg

Cam is a great guy & stands behind his incredible work. I'd put him in the same rankings as Jason, Stan & Tor. The problem you'll have if you decide to go with the Mosley 2F - they're not taking new builds and haven't since last year. Worth the wait if you're wanting to stay with the 2F.

"Not taking new builds" What is this madness.... he go back to building rockets!:rofl:

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