AntFJ 1971 Build

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Jan 25, 2007
Lincoln, CA
well for those who were around on my last build.. i just started another a couple months ago! and I'm about to start reassembly here in the next couple weeks.

Its a 1971 I picked up in Alabama all stock.. original motor and tranny were trashed but i picked up a good running set from Jason (addicted56) here on mud and it should work really well for this build

Plan is:
All stock
3 speed on the column with the original motor, tranny and transfercase
stock springs
stock wheels with stock size tires

4 Wheel disc (late model cruiser front disc and chevy in the back)
Stock Roll Bar from a 1974-1983 or a custom one if I can't get my hands on a stock rollbar

Currently I have a set of nice stock springs and a set of barely used 4'' rough country springs.. i'm very tempted to keep this thing on stock springs and stock wheels...

anyways i haven't quite gotten there yet so heres the pics...
all the tags match and are there... the fenders apron bib and hood have no rust.. the hardtop i think is too far gone for repair with large dents and tons of bad metal and rust.. the body has some rust but nothing that can't be saved
some of the rust on the body.. this will get sandblasted so i have a better idea what needs to be done

for the dash i plan on getting early 60's windshield handles.. or fabbing something up similar to the icon. I may or may not go with a dashbox or just leave it without a dash pad completely
annnndd lastly i just sent the frame and axles to sandblasting/epoxy primer a couple days ago after i removed the rear crossmember and supports - they were a little too rusty to be considered safe. I picked up new pieces from a guy on ebay.. talked to him on the phone and he seemed like a great guy - extremely helpful and said he has a ton of cruisers and to call him if i ever needed a part

got the rear crossmember and the two supports for somewhere around $300 shipped
Looks like it came with most of the stock pieces so less to hunt still plenty of work there as you know so well already. My next cruiser build will be pretty damn close to stock too gettinng to be less and less of them around anymore
parts i still need:

  • Mail myself from my parts pile in CT (4speed flywheel, clutch fork, throwout bearing/hub, and 4speed clutch cover)
  • F air cleaner
  • 5 stock wheels
  • 2 more stock shackles
  • roll bar
need to find a new home for:

  • 4inch lift
  • Four 34x12.5'' Super Swampers with some tread left on black steel rims
  • Four white spoke steel rims with some sort of tires on them.. not sure if they are cruiser wheels or not though

and as far as paint I'm thinking either one of the interesting greens (nebula etc.) a nice blue or pumpkin orange.. sorta like this!
Like that orange, I have that same match box, the:princess: found it a Walley World...subscribed:beer:
well i've been busy building that soft top but i've found some time to start building this guy again! been saving money over the last year so i should be able to get rolling pretty quickly on this thing! going to rebuild the axles next weekend.. should have a rolling chassis within a month or so.

stand by for pics...

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