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Dec 6, 2007
GOLD Country, CA
Can someone tell me how i'm suppose to put the ABS ring in the a birfield? do i hammer the SOB down til it sticks?:confused: put it on a press? :confused:

a little insight:

have a 95 fzj with a broken birf due to break bearings going out. bought some parts from CDAN and did a whole rebuild, ie seals, bearings, etc. replaced the birf but can't seem to get the ABS ring on. did it whith a buddy, first time doing it, great learning experience, and a whole lotta mess! buddy didn't know how to put the ABS ring on either.

You can just tap it on. Use a brass drift, and tap around the ring close to the inside edge. You'll get a feel for it pretty quick. If you think it's taking too much force to get it on, heat it up with a heat gun or something similar. NOT extreme heat.

Tap with equal pressure all around, a little here a little there, if you don't have brass try wood.
The exciter ring should fit snug.
I used a brass punch and hammer to remove them and a piece of wood and hammer to reinstall them. I just got them started and then turned and tapped until they were fully seated. I chose the piece of wood for the reinstall over the brass punch because it distributed the force a little more evenly.
didn't buy the birf from CDan. too much $$$ for oem birfs. got it at a junkyard for about a $100. i was planning on investing on some longfields and didn't think it was a good idea to spend that kind of $$$ for the oem birfs.

thanks guys.
I used heat and it just slid on almost by itself.

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