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Jan 5, 2003
San Antonio TX
I'm almost too embarassed to ask this question but, does it matter which way you mount your shocks? I saw a couple of rigs this weekend with their fronts mounted upside down and they say it makes the ride smoother. They were running Rancho's so nothing special.... I say BS and it will catch water and rust quicker. What is your take?
Some folks claim Rancho RS5000's ride smoother mounted upside down. IDK if its true, but I've had 4 RS5000's mounted upside down on my 68 FJ40 for almost 20 years with no problems. Rancho states the RS 5000's can be mounted inverted, and I have heard that they have confirmed that doing so may improve the ride.
some are made to be mounted one way or the other. i think most mount them upside down to keep water out etc.

be careful htough some shocks are upright only and can be damaged.
ya i agree i think it depends on the shock because when i bought my rs9000s i asked if i could mount them upside down or does it matter. i forget the reason but they specifically said no they have to be mounted right side up for a certain reason.

nice shocks btw, i love how easy it is to play with and adjust on the spot. love em

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