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Sep 17, 2011
I figured. Anyway it's an 83 other than a few small dents it's good no rust, crap paint job, motor runs nice, all lights work 4x4 works smooth hubs smooth clean, underneath and clean engine bay all galss in tact new ish tires can drive it home and get an insection sticker. He is asking 5k will take 4500


Oct 7, 2003
Too far north. Too far east.
From what limited information you have provided, this is a stock truck. No lift. Factory size tires. No armor. Factory bumpers. What about power steering? AC? Regardless, this fella is on drugs. These are not valuable trucks. I tried to run a KBB value, but they don't go back that far. I tried to run an Edmunds value, but they only went back to 1990, and I couldn't select 4WD. So,

A 1990 standard cab pickup, 2WD is valued at at $522 trade in, and $786 private part sale.

I did manage to find a value at NADA. Low NADA retail was $1150, high retail $2550. Original MSRP $6000.

Realistically, this truck is worth less than $1000. Walk away from this truck. Also, a 4WD this old is going to require at least another $1000 in work. I don't care what he says, or what you think you see. Modifications to make it what you want ... at least another $2-3000.

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