78 40 starter, which do you prefer?

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Sep 21, 2009
Tulsa, Okla
Working on my 40 project and starter looks like s***! Anyone purchase one they would recommend recently? Any gear reduction you could recommend?
I have two OEM starters for my 77. I keep a back up alternator as well. Each was re-done properly by Art's Auto Electric in Ontario, CA. Art did magic to starters, alternators, generators -- he even, grudgingly, rebuilt the heater fan motor and the thingy on top. I don't think that he is still doing this, now. Anyway, I have never seen any good reason for a gear reduction starter motor when all the rest works correctly. But, if they don't, I don't know.
I've read good things about the GR or what i assume is the Rareelectrics starters but having tough time finding the correct model. Are the 60 series GR starters direct bolt in without any need for any mods?
I'm not stuck on gear reduction model but others are pretty impressed by their dependability and how well they start.
I would be interested also in sending the old one off to be rebuilt. Sounds like Art would have been a good one!
The OEM in my 78 was r-r-r-r-eally sluggish, cold or hot. Found a GR in Mud classified for $60. Bolted right in and solved the problem. Liked it so much I found another one here for $30 and replaced the starter in the 77 that was just as sluggish. They weigh half the OEM too, so install/removal is way easier. Unless you're a purist, get a GR and don't look back!
The fact that a gear reduction starter uses less amperage than a direct drive was a simple choice for me. The GR unit could maybe make the difference on the trail with a low battery and trying to get started. I have two working direct drive starters on the shelf I'll gladly give away. When I swapped to a GR, the weight difference was impressive.
Specifically which GR starter did you all use?
Can't remember where I got it. My 83 fj60 has it so I just searched for an 83 fj60 starter and went price shopping. Bolted right up to my 74-40.
Specifically which GR starter did you all use?
I searched Amazon.com for a starter for a '87 Land Cruiser, found the cheapest one and validated the picture looked right.

If you're more quality conscience, check if Toyota still makes them new, they probably do.

You could spend days trying to find some supposed higher quality aftermarket improved version, but I don't think there's really much to be gained as a practical matter.
After I cleaned it:

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