'75 FJ40 - First Project

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Mar 5, 2010
Jupiter, FL
Hello all, New here,been lurking for months trying to learn from the members. I am a hobbyist builder/fabricator, been building hot rod air cooled VWs for many years, below are a few of my recent projects;

I've always wanted an FJ40 and after the bus build I went on a search. I found a 1975 rustic green soft top beauty in North Carolina by the way of Arizona, solid as can be. I have made a few changes since I got it and have several more planned. I reupholstered the seats, built a new front bumper, replaced the gauge cluster lights and other odds and ends.
(I guess three pics are all that can be posted at a time?) Here is my rig coming off the trailer in south FL the day I got her.
fj40 green restoration 002.jpg
fj40 green restoration 003.jpg
Nice and clean, I love the soft top!

What are your plans for her?
I have bought a late model hard top with ambulance doors to replace the Pakitop, the soft top is beautiful and the previous owner just added it, but I really like the hard top look. I'm beginning the hard top restoration now (I will post more pics as soon as I figure this attachment thing out). Also adding 4 wheel disc brakes, power steering and AC.
That is a great looking rig. From where I sit, it doesn't look like she needs much.
That is a beautiful rig just as she sits. Looks like 33/9.50.15 tires? :cheers:
On to the work, here it is as it sits today...

Here is the "new" hard top, it was cracked all the way through near the top of the doors, then cracked half way through (bottom side) all the way across. I mounted on this home built frame and re-glassed the under side, then re-glassed the top where the cracks went all the way through, it's as solid as new now.


There are a few places where the edges are beat up pretty bad, those repairs are on tap for today. I got started on the side panels a week or so ago, cut out all the rot and welded in new metal. The ambulance doors are in real good shape, except for the bottoms, I've got repair panels coming from CCOT.
X2 :doh:

i love the look of those old school hubcaps.

seriously put the oem wheels back on it. :cheers: nice rig

P.S. nice VW's

Oh nooo!!! Put the stock steelies back on lol!!
Wish I'd had the good sense to start with a rig that clean, very nice! I kinda like the 80 series rims and the steelies but don't listen to us chuckleheads, it's your rig, do as ya want! Dig the Thing too. Miss my old '65 bug with the hand-cranked sunroof ... So what are your other plans for your 40?
I like the new wheels also. Did you need spacers?
woodsfj40 I like the new wheels
also. Did you need spacers?

Yes, 1/4" spacers to clear the tie rod ends. I like the wheels, the stock ones are in the garage in case I ever want to go back to OG.
Like 99% of everyone else said, you killed it w/ the wheels. Stock steelies w/ skinny 33's are the ticket on a stock 40. I am glad you ditched the tube bumpers, though.

All opinions aside, thats a beautiful 40. Have fun tinkering w/ it... (and don't put a hard top on it... lol)
Yeah the bumpers were hideous, I told one of my kids he could have them and sell them for whatever he got, he posted them here and never even raised an eyebrow.
As far as the wheels go, I'm used to the free advice about choices we make with our toys, but I'm okay with the opinions since I'll be asking for real advice as I get further along with this build.
Cruiser Porn, for me anyway, SOR and CCOT. Both the UPS guy and the FedEx guy were by the house today and left all the parts for my top restoration (except for my ambulance door bottom repair sections and my new rain gutter from Southbostonfj).
Rear Header with brackets, left and right inner and outer door bows, headliner, all the weather stripping and window seals, and all the hardware. Should be a productive weekend coming up.
fj40 green restoration 011.jpg
is that the weatherstripping for the rail from CCOT? if you can still return i might think about it - im pretty sure its just garage door weather stripping - nothing special and you could certainly find it for less than $250 if i remember correctly thats what it is from CCOT

gotta love christmas in june!

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