3.545 Gears

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Feb 2, 2004
I know a few guys went to Marks in Australia to get the 3.545 gears, but I was looking at them and at about $1500 for the ring and pinions, it is a little steep. I was just wondering if they are a non-US part could any of our Canadian or South America parts guys get them? Would they be cheaper in a market with cheaper costs?
That is the setup for a diesel truck, right?
Is the carrier different? Different bolt pattern?
I remember the group buy last year. I swear they were WAY cheaper than that
I think they are actually a 70 series application. I have heard that the gears are actually thicker and the pinions are larger?

I know that the 6bt/4bt guys did a group but not too long ago and installed them in their trucks without issue.

It wasn't on my radar than but I think I have my end game in sight and 3.545 gears and a built TH400 with an adapter to the fulltime case is going to be it. The sequential is not rated for the weight of the 80, and the built A343F is an unknown, so I know the TH400 can live behind some crazy power and ATI has a 1FZ to TH400 bell housing, flex plate, torque converter, etc. but the downside is the TH400 is a 3 speed with a 1:1 so higher gears with my smaller 29.2" tires would be nice.
Are you factoring exchange rate? Aud is down right now. When I dId the group buy I only had 3 takers. And with shipping it ended up being about 1250 us. Turbophil was going to contact his gear guys and was estimating $1k per end for a custom set. So we were very happy. Not a huge market. Even the guys doing diesel conversions are I not seeing the benefit and not spending the little bit of money to get it in the sweet spot due to spending to much money on the rest of the swap. Prabably in denial. I don't get it.

There are lots of pictures with install report out there that I did on them.

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