2016 SoCal Mountain Rendezvous Sign Ups Open!!

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Jun 27, 2006
San Diego
Not going. Won't allow me to write a check direct to the BSA for the 'donation'. It's an accounting thing.
Also not going to MRV this year.....planning a different experience. But currently planning for DRV when it next rolls around.
about those wheeling opportunities....
Coming in from Arizona via I-10 do I want to use 38 or 18. Never been to the area so Im open to other less popular but scenic options.

The most direct route would be up the 38.
Google Maps

You could come in the back way through Pioneertown to the 38 north of the camp. Basically 10 to 62 to Yucca Valley then over to Pioneertown. From there take Pioneertown Rd to Burns Canyon Rd then 2N01 to the 38. Head south to camp from there. Or continue on Burns Canyon Rd into Big Bear. BB village is on the south side of the lake, nice place to visit. Also the BB discovery center is on the north side of the lake.

See the attached file.


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