2015 What have you done to your 4x4 lately?

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Sep 5, 2007
lenexa, ks
Found inspiration to get a powdercoat oven a little larger....
Big Red decided to eat one of its rotors the other night. Turns out the caliper was sticking and burnt through that pad. The :princess: didn't know any different so I discovered it on our date night trip to KC. So the other day when it warmed clear up to 30 I decided to perform the surgery. New rotors and NAPA brand calipers, pads are Powerstop.


Got some WRX seats off of craigslist last night. $100 and a trip to old Westport, oh and another $70 at Jack Stacks. The plan is to put these in the 97 since the electric seats stop working. I'm pretty excited as they are really comfortable. In fact, I think I'm going to put one in front of the Xbox tonight for some Battlefield 4 gaming !
Made some tooling for the press to make replacing the front suspension bushing cake. Almost done with my front end refresh. Then to tackle my vacuum pump oil leak. And get my cruiser back on the road
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nice work. Guess I should make one of those too…..
There a set of three for the front. Not sure if the back will be the same. borrow anytime. Or really I should leave them with you and borrow if I need them. They will get more use that way.

Really need to thank turbophil and the use of his lathe.
Well I identified one of the small oil leaks. It's coming from the oil filter. That should be an easy fix. Also I've noticed a clanking noise from the driver side front on the way to the gym this morning. After a little bit I found a size 23mm bolt/nut combo loose on the control arm. So that is fixed.
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Probably one of the most obvious answers, but I drove it today. The Tundra got an extra 25 miles and the 80 got an additional 5. Tomorrow, the 80 will stretch it's legs on the way to work.
Was going to drive the 80 into work today but the oil pressure light came on. So I parked it. This has happened before. Oil level is good. What could be causing this?
Was going to drive the 80 into work today but the oil pressure light came on. So I parked it. This has happened before. Oil level is good. What could be causing this?

Try pulling the sensor out and cleaning up the contacts. There should be a male spade and a nipple, I did this to the 94 as it was getting some corrosion down there.
We got this beast going.....
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Pig belongs to a great guy that lives close to Sammy. He has been working on it for a while and also delivered my 80 back to KC from Mid-MO when I had wheel bearing issue on New Year's Day wheeling trip.
@SammyT08FJ whats the story with the 55 series ?
Dwayne picked it up few years ago here in columbia. It was not running and po just wanted to get rid of it. The engine has 244k on it. Frame is solid. The body has character :). The issue was with the gas tank and the fuel lines. He had the gas tank redone and we put it in Friday afternoon. He still has some tweaking to do. But overall it will become his wheeling rig. The good news is we might have found a FJ55 down in Texas. So on the way from Lonestar Jambo we will pick it up and then over the summer swap bodies, put on a small lift, locker in the back and tires. She should be good to go....
That is awesome, I don't know what it is about those old 55 series. I'd like to have one though.
Yep. It was something special to hear that pig run and even more that it ran so smooth for the first time in a long time. Very cool.

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