SOLD 2006 Lexus LX470

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Vehicle Model
  1. LX470
United States
The time has come. I'll be passing this beauty on to someone else. This is without a doubt the cleanest 100 series I've seen for sale in a very long time. I spent well over a year searching for the right one before buying this one. Sadly, situations change and I won't be able take this one on the adventures it deserves. Maybe one of you will. Runs perfectly. I've owned 3 vehicles with the 4.7 and this one has by far the most "get-up-and-go". Don't know why that is, but it's strong. Southern truck, NO RUST. 141,XXX miles. Shifts like butter. AHC works great. Rear DVD entertainment. Timing belt and Water pump done.

Common things we all know to look for, this one checks all the boxes: Heater hose T's no staining/leaking, power steering hoses-no sweat or leaks, no squealing or weird sounds from electric brake master, wheel bearings no play, steering rack tight, power antenna works, power steering wheel works........

Seriously folks, I went over all these things that we read about thoroughly before I bought it. Things that weren't perfect, I've since fixed. Brake job, new battery, etc... We all know these things are getting harder and harder to find that aren't totally trashed, rusted or have twice as many miles as this one.

I'll answer any and all questions from serious buyers, but would much prefer to talk on the phone. Please PM me with your contact information and we can go from there. I'm located in Central Texas. Asking $24,000.

Photos below should be pretty self explanatory except maybe the pictures of the frame. I live on a very dusty country road and the frame is dirty. The really dark black spots you see are where I've wiped away the dirt so you can see just how clean it really is.


Thanks for the heads up, but it's just an optical illusion in the photograph. The hole is a slot. The bolts are tight, the washer, crossmember, and frame have no gaps. Because the hole is a slot, you can see into it and see the bolt threads. You're right though, the picture and angle sure make it look weird. I had to go outside and check just to make sure.
Someone ping @nukegoat , he can add this to his night view collection and obsession

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