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May 23, 2005
United States
Sadly this week a dipisht in a camaro pulled out in front of me on the highway from a stop in traffic while I was doing 45. I had no way to avoid it. Turned out he doesn't have insurance. It's going to be a total loss under my uninsured motorist coverage.

The appraiser has not been out to look at it yet, but if there's interest from a serious buyer here I will buy it back from the insurance company to sell for a possible trail rig. I won't have a firm price because it totally depends on the salvage buyback price.

Details : I'm the 2nd owner, I bought it in Virginia Beach 13 years ago as a certified pre-owned vehicle from a Toyota dealer with 45,000 miles. It'e been dealer serviced the majority of it's life. Mileage is currently 245,000 and climbing as I still drive it.

timing belt/water pump every 90k
engine oil system flushed every 100k
power steering fluid & brake fluid exchanged regularly (last done earlier this year)
all 4 O2 sensors at 130,000 miles
New fuel filter in 2017
Iridium spark plugs changed at 100,000 & 200,000 miles
Has a K&N drop in air filter in the factory air box
Iron Man shocks up front in 2017, Iron Man foam shocks in the rear in 2017
inner and outer tie rod ends in 2018
poly steering rack bushings in 2017
poly sway bar bushings in 2017
all 8 ignition coil packs were replaced with OEM in 2017
front seats were replaced due to cracked leather in 2018 with better condition seats from a same model year LX470. height adjustment on the driver seat does not work (?) Will come with the original LC seats to recover or whatever you want to do with them
New 275/65/18 Kumho All Terrain tires from Discount Tire last summer (2018) on Tundra 18" wheels. spare is still the original 16" with original tire
New fake wood grain interior trim in 2017
New battery (AAA) in the fall of 2018
new front brake pads (march 2019)
valve cover gaskets done in 2017 (myself)
front rotors and Timken wheel bearings at 200,000 miles
rear rotors were done at 190,000
both front halfshafts were replaced by Toyota in 2017 when the axle splines sheared and failed. I believe they replaced both front hubs also
ignition bracket broke in 2017 and was replaced by the dealer
transfer case and rear diff fluids have always been synthetic and done by me regularly
front diff fluid was done by the dealer, but not as often as I would like
heater blower motor replaced in 2017
A/C is cold front and rear, heat is melt your skin hot
3rd seats still installed, still have the complete tool kit, jack and jack tools
Has an aftermarket Sony bluetooth head unit
Installed a small Kicker amp to power an Audio Pipe sub in the factory plastic box - sounds OK, but will never win an audio competition
Will come with 2 Toyota keys and 1 Toyota valet key. The original key with the built in remote broke a long time ago and I just never replaced it.
I have the LX470 cabin air filter parts to retrofit, but it's not installed
New front fog lights (China) installed in 2018. Before I installed them I sealed the lenses with 2 coats of clear silicone and let it dry. They have never had any condensation inside since installing them. Currently have yellow LED bulbs in them
Has never leaked a drop of any fluid, drives straight with no wobbles and I would not hesitate to drive it across country this weekend

With any parts I installed I used Permatex anti-seize compound on the threads to prevent any future problems. Tie rod ends, shock nuts, end link nuts, wheel studs, wherever I could use it. I learned my lesson a long time ago while living in Ohio about threads and rust.

* CARFAX available

Known Issues :
body damage (see photos)
typical rear side window rattle
1 half dollar sized rust spot on the bottom of the upper rear hatch. I hit it with a wire brush last night (4/23/19) and applied POR15 on the rust. there are no rust holes, just surface rust which is now gone
passenger side upper ball joint boot is split. I replaced the driver side upper control arm with a used one from a 2006. The sale will include 2 used upper control arms ready to rebuild.
unknown rattle in the center console I never was able to track down
center diff lock light does not illuminate but diff lock works perfect
steering wheel leather is a mess
front driver side suspension has a creak over speed bumps (?)
clear coat on roof has small spots where it's beginning to peel
door handle clear coat is gone, gel coat on both outside mirrors is cracking
I monkeyed up the driver side door panel light attempting to remove it to install LEDs, it no longer stays in place
had a very minor accident in May 2018 - only damage was driver side front fender and bumper cover. paintwork is excellent and done by a Toyota body shop

WIll NOT come with the Hella lights on the grille guard.. I will leave the wiring installed with a factory style switch in the dash but disconnect the power from the battery. Price depends on if I will include the grille guard or remove and sell it locally
power antenna mast is broken. I have a replacement but haven't gotten around to installing it. will be included
Everything else is pretty much original. I would highly recommend beginning to change all the coolant hoses as they are soft.













rear camera video from the accident. my front dash camera for some reason was not recording.

Located in Houston, I'm willing to pick you up at the airport if you're coming in from out of town.

Price is $4500. Salvage buyback is close to $3000 and I still need to have enough money to find a replacement vehicle. This price is slightly more than 50% average retail on the truck.
The truck still runs perfect, drives straight with no funny noises or vibrations of any kind.
I'm not on here very often, usually only to research repairs or part numbers. Feel free to drop me an email at schaff70v@gmail . I'll send my phone number if you want any additional details.
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Aug 18, 2015
Las Vegas
I don't see a lot of body damage that says total loss. Is it just the age and mileage that makes it an insurance total loss? Or is the damage worse than it looks?
May 23, 2005
rear wheel arch behind the door is bent in. They would have to repaint the entire half of the truck to properly blend it, plus the cost of the door moldings, fender and the front bumper. Last year in May I was hit on the driver side front fender and bumper cover. The cost to repair just that was close to $2000.
They consider a vehicle a total loss when the repair cost reaches 70% of the value of the vehicle. I work as a claims adjuster and had one of our appraisers run the value of my truck for me and with the age and mileage it will be a total loss. There is potential to keep it on the road which is why I want to buy it back and pass it on to somebody as an entry level Landcruiser or turn it into a trail rig.
My son is out of college and living in San Antonio and my daughter is a sophomore in college now. My wife and I just don't need something this big for the 2 of us. We're going to pick up a Lexus GX460 for her and I'm going to buy a 98-02 4Runner or 98-04 Tacoma double cab.
Oct 2, 2018
B'ham, AL
Sorry to hear about the accident. I lived in Houston for 13 years and left in 2008. I go back at least once or twice a year and I'm nervous every time I drive. It seems to get worse as the years go on. Aside from the insane amount of traffic, which contributes to the chaos, it seems there are so many reckless drivers on the road that are just hell bent on driving however they want without care of the rules, laws, and general safety. My guess is that a large population in Houston don't have a drivers license nor insurance and yet operate a motor vehicle on the road. It's a zoo to drive in Houston sometimes.
May 23, 2005
I currently have 3 serious buyers who have contacted me. I believe in first come first serve. If anything changes regarding any of the possible buyers falling through I will post here, but I believe between the 3 of them it will most likely sell. I'm just waiting on the appraiser to come look at the truck and the adjuster to contact me with a plan of action.

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May 9, 2016
Austin, TX; Durango, CO
cant you sell it without getting insurance involved so that there is no salvage title, just wondering in case this ever happens to me....tons of crappy drivers here in austin as well.
May 23, 2005
The only reason why the insurance is involved is because I have taken great care of my truck over the last 13 years and it's not a "disposable" vehicle like an average car these days. Although I did put it up for sale back in 2017, it has always been my intention to try to keep it until 500,000 miles. By continuing through with my claim, I will be able to get into another vehicle plus pass my truck on to somebody who will fix it and keep driving it for a long time.
The only way to avoid a salvage title would be to cancel my claim and sell it outright privately which would not put me financially in a position to purchase another vehicle without a loan. Plus the other driver who caused the collision would then walk away from the whole thing. He was in the wrong and he needs to pay for the damage he caused.
Once my uninsured motorist claim is settled, my insurance company will pursue the other driver to pay them back. I work as an auto claims adjuster and have seen it done here at the company where I work. If he doesn't pay or refuses to pay they will suspend his license and the debt will go onto his credit report.
As far as crappy drivers, I can't stress enough to buy a dash camera. Buy 2, they're cheap enough these days and put one in front and one in back. As a claims adjuster I deny claims almost every day where it's word vs word with no witnesses. Video shows exactly what happens and is concrete proof to back your statement.
May 23, 2005
I finally got word back from the insurance with the owner retain numbers. The salvage buyback was higher than I anticipated at nearly $3000. This combined with my deductible I would have to sell the truck for $4500. This is slightly higher than half of the average retail value price of $8500 which is what the truck would most likely sell for undamaged.
Let me know if anybody is interested at this price. I initially had 3-4 buyers contact me, but that was before I had any hard numbers available.

I also updated some of the original information in my first post about the truck. I've had it so long I sometimes forget what all has been done to it.


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Oct 7, 2008
Can you just cancel the claim and drive it? I know little about insurance to be honest. Seems like you could tell them to whiz off and keep the truck?
May 23, 2005
I was at a point where I was getting ready to sell it. I even posted it for sale here back in 2017. After 15 years I'm ready to move on to something else. It sucks the truck has to end like this, but I figured there might be a way for somebody else to keep driving it while allowing me enough money to buy something outright. By doing an owner retain with a salvage title I'm not trying to make money on the truck. It would only net me around $800 after my deductible. I don't have the space or time to handle a partout plus the strict HOA I live in wouldn't put up with it in the driveway in pieces.
If I just cancel the claim, I don't get any money, I'm driving a damaged truck that if something else happens to it, (get hit by another driver) the value of the vehicle would be reduced by probably half which would put me in an even worse place.
If I don't have an answer by tomorrow I'm going to have to let the insurance take the truck and collect a full settlement. If anybody local wants the grille guard I can pull it and maybe swap the better seats with the originals to sell both locally (Houston TX area).
Nov 20, 2015
Westford, MA
Thanks for all the good communication and for putting the effort in to try to pass on such a nice LC.

Hopefully it will end up in good hands a step or two down the chain.
May 23, 2005
it's going through my insurance company as of today. With nobody willing to pay the $4500 asking price I can't keep holding on. Again, I wasn't trying to make any real money off this, I just wanted to keep my truck on the road with a new owner. Even though my asking price was over the salvage buyback, what you don't understand is that I put close to $4000 into the truck over the last 2 years alone. It was $2200 for the dealer to repair and replace the front hubs and front halfshafts, new tires (2018 at $650), new shocks (2017 at $450), PS/brake fluid flush and refill (dealer - 2019 at $300) plus more. Hopefully it doesn't wind up being driven by somebody who doesn't take care of it. After owning it for close to 15 years it's like a family member at this point. Kind of hard to let go.

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