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Jan 3, 2012
Jackson, MS
I want to give a shout-out to @DirtNap. He has updated my database and made it more user friedly.

UPDATE #1: A disgruntled member keeps deleting portions of the database, so I had to remove the editing abilities for everyone. :meh:
For now, just submit your info via a reply to this thread or I.M. me, and I will update it myself.

Update #2: To anyone else who wants their info in the database: I am getting tired of people messaging me their tires, but do no seem to give me anymore info. Look at the database, and make sure you give me EVERYTHING that is listed. I am tired of trying to track down the rest of the info! From now on, if you fail to give the full description, I will ignore your post. No hard feelings, but... Also, if you have the exact same setup as another member that has already been posted, it is a little redundant to have it in the database. i.e. We all know that a 275/70 will fit just fine. I get that the more entries the better, but if the setup is clearly tried and true, its not going to do much good having it in the database. The only reason it would be useful, would be if you actually have rubbing on a setup where another member said he or she had no rubbing. If that is the case, then please me note of it when contacting me, or replying to this thread.

Original Post: I have seen many many threads titled "How big can I go?" and "What tire Size?" "Will it fit?" etc. Instead of trying to sort through everything, I decided to make a google doc to keep track of everything.

I think this will really help those who are trying to pick a tire and wheel for their 200. I included boxes for tire size, wheel size, manufacturer, mods, and general notes about your particular truck.

Maybe this is a stupid idea. Who knows; lets see if it catches on.

I will go ahead and enter info into the spreadsheet as I see it in various discussions. If you see your name on the list already, please do not be offended, and please feel free to update it as you deem necessary--especially if you see a "n/a".

I would also like to add, that if you do have rubbing, please note where the rubbing occurs (in the notes section), as we can make the spreadsheet more specific as we get more info.

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Thats nice stuff. Out of my range of knowledge to to the programming "If...Then" etc. I made the spreadsheet editable, so if someone knows how to do that and wishes to do so, feel free.
OK, here's my info:

gaijin, No, TRD Forged 17"x8", 0, BFG All Terrain T/A KO, LT285/70R17E 121/118R, 50mm, No, Tire/Wheel combination recommended by Toyota - Fits in spare tire well

Thanks. Did it not allow you to enter your own info? I am asking, because I have never done a "shared" spreadsheet before--I wanna make sure I did things right.
Gaijin, I updated the database with your info
Thanks. Did it not allow you to enter your own info? I am asking, because I have never done a "shared" spreadsheet before--I wanna make sure I did things right.
It does not allow me to enter any info.
Darn. I tried to fix it this morning. Give it another shot if you don't mind.
This is a great idea MScruiser. Thanks for doing it...I wonder if this thread should be a sticky?
Thanks. It might be nice if it were. I guess it depends on how much it catches on though.
Can anyone give me any input where tires commonly rub?

I know that they rub on the front inner wheel wells, the rear mudflaps, the front mudflaps, and I guess in extreme cases and offsets, could potentially hit the fender itself. What other places does rubbing happen?
on the UCA and the sway bar/control arm in the front at full turn...
Great. Thanks. I can now mimic sonk76's 100 series tire database.
Ok. I have updated the database to allow users to input their specific rubbing locations with color-coded conditional formatting.

Anyone see anything that might need to be added?
Went to fill in and lo and behold you already did it! Thanks :)
Well, just make sure your info is all correct, especially the parts about rubbing locations.
I have added a few more entries.
I have added a few more entries.
MScruiser, thanks for putting this together and adding me but ya got me down for the wrong tire, I'm running the Goodyear Duratracs 275-70-R18's, thanks (and the only rubbing I have is on the lower control arm in the front, but the clearance on the UCA's is really tight, but not touching...
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anyone on here running wheel spacers, should we have a slot for that also?

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