1st Trail Carnage

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Nov 15, 2007
Los Angeles
Well guys, the cherry has been popped!

Let me know how this looks to you guys. Critical to get this reshaped or is this pretty typical? Its not rubbing the lower control arm and doesnt appear to be bent left or right, just crumpled in.
Rattlesnake Canyon 03.22.08 017 copy.jpg
Rattlesnake Canyon 03.22.08 019 copy.jpg
congrats for the christening!

it goes downhill fast from there... :D
Man- I wouldn't get that fixed. If it's not bothering anything- leave it alone.
Yeah, i wouldn't be too worried about that mate, as long as the arm can move without touching anywhere. Get rid of that rear swaybar too....:p
You're good, now time to match the other side to it.

That is the only logical thing to do.
Too bad the damage is under your LC. Real trail carnage should be done to the sides of it. Then you don't have to get out of your camp chair to point it out when you are telling everyone about it.
Hey Brad,

Didn't realize it was that side.

I probably hit the same rock except I have the exhaust cross-over to warn me :hillbilly:

Good fun, good run.
pfft...that's nothin. leave it be.

congrats on your first :cool:
Looks like a fairly good first... I remember mine. Today I was literally half an inch from flopping, the hitch pin mod saved my truck, heh. I teetered on two wheels, felt like forever.
Yep,.. looks like both of mine. Just roll with it. When I took both my arms out to beef them up it required a little tough love, but they came out.
bend it back, then plate it so it doesn't happen again... I'm gonna reinforce mine soon.
congrats for the christening!

it goes downhill fast from there... :D

LOL! This from the guy that wouldn't let his:princess: step on his brand new sliders a couple of years ago at SnT fearing she might scratch them? :rolleyes: :flipoff2:
Those brackets get wacked a lot. They are pretty tough but not indestructable. A bit more lift/tire diameter and good spotting will lessen the damage. New brackets are still available and severely damaged ones can be cut off the frame and replaced.

Both of mine are banged up.
I wouldn't worry about it either. Actually, I'm pretty sure that fits more under the business as usual category than the carnage category;) Here's what mine looks like:
hubnut (Small).jpg

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