For Sale 1999 lx470 Master Cylinder Assembly

May 24, 2016
The motor went out on my master cylinder assembly booster pump motor and Toyota replaced the entire assembly rather than just the motor. Toyota said it was the motor that failed and the rest of the assembly was in good working order. My plan was to have pump rebuilt with a new motor and then sell for about $1,100 on Ebay, but thought someone on here might prefer to buy the assembly and deal with the rebuild themselves.

From searching here people have used Eurton- they rebuild the motor for $245. Toyota, Lexus 47070-60010, ABS Motor Repair | Motor Repair & Rewinds | Eurton Electric

Then there is Auto Electric Rebuilders in CA who rebuilds them.

I'd sell it for $750 as it is or $1100 after having the pump rebuilt. Let me know if there is any interest.

To be completely transparent, it's hard for me to know what this used part is truly worth. I see a range of $750 to $1500 on ebay in different used conditions with the rebuilt motors. If i'm asking too much just let me know - I just want to come to a fair price.
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