SOLD 1996 198k. Blue 80 semi built $6500

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United States
I have own it since 2010-11
Old man 4". Front and rear diff(cant get to engage). 196k miles, paints great. Sparkles. Tinted windows. Some rust undercarriage and back window seal. Bfs in good shape, plenty tread. Snorkel. Arb grille. Also, driver window motor slowing quickly, seat motor works, but threads woren and wont move. Using wrench to adjust. Seat have been recovered nicely. Clean.
I have replaced value cover gaskets. Runs great. I can add more pics if it has interest.
6500 or best offer.





Is this Scott?
DANG! I'd love to buy this thing! Bad timing...
Its scott. And i am in bham. Guess i need a proof reader. Speeder, i appreciate ur help, i just couldn’t find time to hit those lockers. I can hold on to it if u like.....





I've seen this one in person and if would fit in my garage I would own it. It's a little rough around the edges but if someone is looking for a trail rig then you would be way ahead of the game with this one. If you're looking for one to flip for big bucks then this is probably not the one for you. FYI, the fr/rr lockers are getting power but the lights just flash and don't engage. I bet you could get them to lock with a little exercise.
You should be able to mark your header as sold, even though technically it was a trade.
Dang. I was hoping to snag this one. I shouldn’t have thought about it and just jumped. Congratulations.

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