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Jul 5, 2011
United States


1994 Toyota Land Cruiser

I bought this truck out of Durango, CO almost 4 years ago at 217K miles (I’m in the Seattle, WA area). Have enjoyed overlanding and camping for the last 4 years with it – never had an issue with it. It has been well maintained and is a very solid truck mechanically, suffering from some minor cosmetic issues. Everyone that sees the truck loves it. I’m only selling as I have a new 4Runner coming, so not leaving the Toyota fold.

Below are details from the previous owner’s extensive write-up that would be tough for me to better, and I have updated information along the way with some dates and more work I have done in the last few years.


249,000 Miles (as of January 2016)
PHH and FHH – Silicone and constant torque (PHH bypassed all the way) (2011)
New OEM Power-steering pump and internal pump gear (2011)
New OEM Cap, Rotor, Wires and plugs (2011)
New OEM Belts (2011)
New Rear heater hoses (OEM) (2011)
New Main Battery (2013)
Dual Battery system added 2013, with Group 31 Sears Diehard Platinum and Blue Sea ACR Relay – works perfect, never an issue. Used Slee washer resovoir relocation kit, and Toyota battery tray for 2nd battery
New Charcoal Canister (Rochester crossover) (2015)
Runs great, shows 71 EGR Code, O2 Sensors Checked, switching fine. Haven’t worried about it too much, I’m guessing mileage could be a little better. Passes emissions in WA state just fine.
New hood supports (2014)
New Toyota OEM Alternator (2015)


OME 850’s (2.5” Heavies) up front with 5mm poly trim spacer and 1.5” MetalTech Spacers (Nice set-up to get to 4” while lowering bumpstops below the MT Spacer.
OME 863J’s in back
OME 73L’s and 74L’s (Regular not Sport)
OME Steering Stabilizer
Slee Front Caster Plates (welded)
SS Braided Brake Lines and adjustment brackets
Front End Service was done by PO, one Birfield was replaced, one was not
All New OEM Bushings on front Lower Control Arm
Front Sway Bar removed
Slee Rear Sway Bar drop links
Slee Rear Bump Stop Drops
LANDTANK HD Rear Lower Control Arms
New OEM Bushings for LCA’s
Front and rear Ironman Adjustable Panhards
The only Control Arm bushings not replaced with OEM are upper Rears


A442F Tranny shifts solidly, great shape (Flushed 2011)
Transfer case operates perfectly
Pin 7 and Center Diff Lock Switch Done
Rear Lockright Auto Locker
All New OEM U-joints (2011)
Driveshafts Phased and balanced (2011)
New Slee/Powerstop drilled and slotted Rotors (2011)
New EBC GreenStuff pads (2014)
New OEM E-Brake Shoes (2011)
Lucas Gear Oil (TC & Diffs done in 2011 changed again in 2014 with Mobil 1 gear oil, clean on change).
New Neutral Safety Switch (2011)
New Rear Wheel Bearings and Outer Seals (2011)
Spidertrax 1.5” spacers
Tires: 315/75/R16 First Gen. M/TR’s with lots of tread left and 2008 Date Codes
(The last batch before they were replaced with the 2nd Gen. M/TR’s)
Overdrive and ECT work properly

Armor and Exterior:

ARB Non-Winch Bull Bar – Steel Grey Powdercoat (this custom powdercoat on all parts here is really well done, I have been impressed with it over last 4 years of ownership, and the color is nice and different than everyone’s black)
Slee AC Dryer Skid – Steel Grey Powdercoat
MetalTech Sliders w/ Cat Protection – Steel Grey Powdercoat
Iron Pig Off Road Transfer Case Crossmember/Skid (The big one)
Iron Pig Offroad Rear Bumper with Single Swing Arm/Tire Carrier – Steel Gray PC
OEM Wheels Powdercoated to match the rest.
New headlights (Depo) and clear corner signals (2012)
Slee headlight harness (2012)
Slee driving light harness (I was running LightForce lights for a bit, currently no aux lights, but wiring and OEM custom switch in place)


WagonGear Tailgate Storage Lid (awesome!)
Driver’s side Hanna Cargo Carrier (rare, awesome, and great for carrying 10 gallons of onboard water with ease).
Custom rear drawer set-up, with ARB fridge mounting provisions, pull out table, flat sleeping platform for one person, and ability for flat cargo floor when the fridge is removed.
Custom roof rack, designed specifically for Autohome Maggiolina AirTop Medium Tent – protects from trail damage, and great access to tent. Also has ARB style awning mounts on side and rear.
ARB 2.5M Awning (2013) and full Awning Room (2015)
ARB 50qt fridge (2013)
Autohome Maggiolina AirTop tent – Medium, excellent condition, less than 20 nights of use. I removed the exterior decals front and rear when I acquired the tent.
Multiple 12v sockets and USB ports throughout vehicle, running off 2nd battery.


Dealer Installed Unique Dark Blue Leather on Mechanical seats (best of both worlds)
Dealer Installed Blue Leather Accents on Door Panels
Non-USA Market Passenger Dash Grab on perfect dash
New driver’s seat OEM lower foam - 2013
CruiserCrap TEQ Shifter for Transfer case
I have the Grey 3rd Row Seats in storage
Sunroof works
CB with Firestik Firefly Antenna
Kenwood deck – CD/USB/Aux
Factory Radio Antenna works (up and down)
1000w Prowatt SW Inverter


The file on the truck is nearing 6” thick. There are records upon records and invoices for everything going back three owners. It is the most extensive files for any car I have ever owned.

Full Disclosure Cons/Problems from Front to Back

Front clip was less-than-exactingly repaired…Front radiator support should have been replaced after non-frame effecting accident that totaled it out. Therefore, the front fenders hang a little bit off, the inners are banged back into general compliance (light deformation, not giant). The hood’s clear is coming off to an extensive degree (replacement hood after accident). Basically the front clip (body) shows okay but has some issues. It’s what’s known as a 15 footer. Clear coat is also failing on right front fender and left rear door. Other than those three panels, the paint is solid on the truck, and cleans up nice with an annual polish and wax.

Windshield is original Toyota glass and cracked but not bad and has never gotten bigger during my ownership, or the previous owner’s time. (Didn’t trust anyone local to seal it right so never did it). Does not leak.

Drivers side Front Window Motor replaced and powerful but tracks are slightly off so it doesn’t go up super smooth and it pops at the top instead of simply stopping. Passenger side Front Window is SLOW, tracks are good, will go in-op (will need hand assistance) if cold enough. Rear windows are in-op.

Hatch supports can become in-op due to cold, not terrible here in mild Seattle.

Aforementioned Code 71 EGR – needs deleting or repair. O2’s have been checked and are fine. Passes emissions in WA state just fine.

Small oil leak at Oil Pump Cover Gasket. Never hits the ground.

Small Leak at rear main or upper pan gasket. Never hits the ground.

Very small amount of rust on lower inner door skin of rear door, driver’s side.

Cosmetic damage to Land Cruiser trim piece on center of rear hatch.

Tires still have plenty of tread, however they are 2008 date code on the rubber.

A “clunk” has started in the rear suspension in the last month or two – I cannot seem to figure out where it is coming from, and have been under there to nut and bolt everything. Does not happen in normal driving, only rougher roads. It may be from the rear sway bar, the bushings all look like they are due to be replaced.

“D” light is burned out on the cluster, as well as the ECT light, but everything works fine. I like it with no lights after having driven it for all these years.


I’ll price this two ways, one with everything on it, a turn key exploration rig, and the second, a stripped down version with things that I am willing to keep and transfer to the new truck.

Option A - $XXXXX – Everything listed above, pretty much turn key truck.

Option B - $XXXXX – Less AutoHome Tent, Custom Rack, ARB Awning and Room, ARB Fridge, Inverter, Rear Drawer System.

50+ high resolution pictures here - 1994 Toyota Land Cruiser

Thanks, happy to talk about the truck, give me a call/text at the number above, I am not often on the forums. Even though I should be, IH8MUD has been the best resource ever for this truck!
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TEQ Frame of Mind
Supporting Vendor
Mar 22, 2005
Durango, CO
Simply Gorgeous, NW.....

You really took incredible care of this truck.

Wish I could have just stroked a check to get it back.

The new owner will be incredibly stoked and rewarded to have this vehicle.
Jul 5, 2011
Good luck on the sale! What are your thoughts on the lockright rear locker?


94' FZJ80 277k

I know everyone swears by the triple locked trucks, but I have been very impressed with this locker in the rear. In 4LO, CDL locked and this rear locker, this truck will walk up just about anything, and through some pretty muddy terrain as well. I like that it works all the time, no air needed, or even a switch needed. For the general overlanding style of travel, it is more than you even need. I have been in a few situations where I was glad to have it though, and no complaints after 4 years of use.
Jul 5, 2011
Simply Gorgeous, NW.....

You really took incredible care of this truck.

Wish I could have just stroked a check to get it back.

The new owner will be incredibly stoked and rewarded to have this vehicle.

Cheers -- most credit goes to you, you did all the wonderful maintenance on this before I got it -- it has been a great 4 years with no issues! Great truck, will look back with nothing but fond memories on this one.
Jan 3, 2016
TX, or MO (or GA)
You have given me much to think about with the comment about Powertrax vs lockers. How noisy are the Lock-rite diffs on corners. The manufacturer says it is a bit noisy, on a scale of 1 "I never even noticed it man" to 5 "I have tinnitus like it is a Metallica concert at ever corner" how is it?

Jul 5, 2011
Well, based on that scale, I guess a 2? LOL. I have heard it, but you don't notice it that much. Quiet residential street, no radio, windows down, hard turn, yep, you can hear it. Normal driving - rarely hear it. Radio on at normal volume -- you'd never hear it.


TEQ Frame of Mind
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Mar 22, 2005
Durango, CO
Well, that's nice of him to say and he's a smart guy ;)

Welcome to Mud! If you ever have questions about the truck, I'll be happy to try and answer.
(Or at least while it was in my possession) From the looks of it, Jason really kept it going the
right direction....Still love the blue leather on mechanical combo.

That truck just looks so "StormTrooper", especially with the hardshell RTT on the top.

Promise you'll get it out of ATL and into some mountains! And make sure to contact @beno
for parts, he's in Atlanta. (And one of the most knowledgeable minds regarding LC's, and
specifically 80 series, on the well as a stand-up guy)


Steve D

Jan 7, 2016
Atlanta, Georgia
Thanks for the welcome. I guarantee it will spend a lot of time outside Atlanta. For starters, I'll pick it up in Seattle in February and drive/camp my way to Salt Lake City over a couple or three days. I plan to store it there until I can schedule the next leg, probably through Colorado, storing it near an airport there. Lather, rinse, repeat until it's here in Atlanta.

I appreciate the referral. I know the guys at ACC pretty well so I know I'll be leaning on them to help me maintain the great setup the two prior owners put in place.

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