1994 engine in 1997

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Feb 18, 2009
I have a nice 1994 low mileage fj80 that was hit on the passenger side

I have located a nice 1997 with a blown engine. What issues will I run into on putting the 1994 engine in the 1997.

I was thinking about taking both down to the bare long block and putting the 1997 intake and accessory’s on the 1994.

Thanks for any input I’m new to the FJ’s I’ve been wheeling mini truck for 20yrs.
The biggest challenge is the crank angle sender, front cover, timing chain gear, need to come off and the upper pan changed.
^^^^ What he said.
Short answer is it can't be done. I mean it can but you might as well part out the 94 and build a fresh engine for the 97 with the profit.
Long story short I’m using the frame and axles for another project.

I was going to use the engine in the 1997 and part the rest when I get done

Your probably right on building a fresh one. Was trying to make use with what I had on hand if the engine would work.
You may be able to find a 93 or 94 with a blown engine. to make for an easier swap.
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where are you located?... i may have use for the 94 motor if you are thinking of selling it
there is a 96 or 97 being parted on craigslist in ATL. they had the engine up for like 900 i think. pretty sure i saw the same truck here in the parting out section. if you want i can message you my number and i will locate parts for you. no reason we cant get that 97 on the road quick.
Yea I saw that one.
I will probably just build the blown one, that way I know what I have.
I plan on keeping it.

Is it even really totaled? I have seen similar damaged repaired. New front clip, inner and outer fenders, and maybe a visit to a frame shop if it is tweeked?
It could be fixed.
Probably $2500 with me doing the repair and paint.

I bought this to put my 85xtra cab body, on the frame and axles.
I will be running 1997 4.3 vortec engine
Th350 with 4.7 to 1 Case
40”tires. Your basic fxxxin redneck setup.

I really like the Cruisers but this is the course for the 1994.

Was hoping the engine swap would be simple. The 94 has front and rear elockers. I was going to swap them in the 97, and weld the rear and Detroit the front of the xcab.

Hopefully this will shed some light on what kind of idiot you have on your hands, and my reasoning.:)
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nevermind, i didnt see you posted in that thread already.

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