1991 FJ75 tray install

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Feb 10, 2004
Derwent Alberta
some of you might remember i bought an exfire truck a few years back. it was a bit of a nightmare and with the frustration i lost interest in it.
this is the one here:
Luxury Imports - Calgary, Alberta
as i mentioned before i had the firebox removed and factory tank refitted and factory body mounts refitted by Dave at Japan 4X4:
small truck in japan 1.jpg
small truck in japan 2.jpg
small truck in japan 3.jpg
then it sat for a long time (almost 2 years) while i bought a couple engines, a tranny or two and a crap load of other parts.
the truck was to be shipped in Jan originally, then it was Feb, Mar and finally it got onto the water for its trip over in 08.
this is the way i picked it up in Toronto:
lack of interest kicked in and i concentrated on building this instead: https://forum.ih8mud.com/diesel-tech-...=1hz+1978+FJ40
as i was building up the 40 my interest was revitalized to put something on the back of the FJ75
i contacted Louis in Ottawa about the tray he had built for the back of his truck and he put me in touch with a outfit that made extremely heavy duty aluminum decking for transports.
so i started on the deck, i liked the way it turned out. it was strong, light and could never rust. downside was the price ... :eek:
at the same time i tackled the faded paint and installed a brand new factory hard top since the original had light mounts drilled through it. i had it painted white.
you can see how the color went from a faded orange to the firetruck red again. at first i was going to get it repainted but Bruce (Lowenbrau) mentioned during one of our conversations that it is amazing what some elbow grease and the right cutting agents can do. he was correct and saved me a few thousand.
IMG_3004.JPG small.jpg
IMG_3006.JPG small.jpg
this is as far as we got today and will be waiting for hinges, latches and a couple pieces of aluminum before any more progress can be done.

the sides will fold down and remove as will the tail gate.

the rear step slides in reciever tube.

kinda looks okay:
armor 001.jpg
armor 003.jpg
armor 004.jpg
plans, not really. i just wanted to practice my aluminum welding and to finish it up.
it MIGHT replace the Dodge for summer driving

Hello Wayne,

Glad to see you are back on the fire truck.

You are lucky to have a non-ex-mine Cruiser in a place where mines are the main (perhaps only?) source for them.

I still think you might want to add a small crane. I am including some pictures of my neighbour's 75 (low resolution cell phone shots, I had no camera at hand.) He hauls drilling tools, and forklifts are not always available in the locations he travels to. The tray is similar to what you are building, albeit this one is made of steel.

I cannot see a mount for the spare tire. Have you considered it?

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now THAT is a crane.
Juan, this is just a pretty truck. i doubt i will be putting much weight in the back. i have a float for the heavy stuff. this one will probably be destined to haul cut wood, maybe a canoe or kayak, i might build an aluminum camper for the back or something boring like that.
i doubt i would have a use for such a cool crane on it, but thanks for the suggestion.
spare tire ... not sure yet. might be in the factory location if i don't stick a second tank in there. or maybe attached to the headache rack... or maybe none.
Nice truck and tray however I would have thought that with the abundance of 2L-TE powered Land Cruisers in your area, having a firetruck nearby would have been a good thing.:D
i took your advice on another thread to finish the damn thing.
<a firetruck has no power over a dying 2LTE.>
i took your advice on another thread to finish the **** thing.
<a firetruck has no power over a dying 2LTE.>

You took my advice......You feeling okay?:)
feeling better now i see the end in sight...

i can almost feel a Rapture coming on
feeling better now i see the end in sight...

i can almost feel a Rapture coming on

"The end is in sight".....if that is the case I am going to load up all of my credit cards.:)
modified the rear clearence lights
angle bracket for headache rack support
drop down sides
armor 005.jpg
armor 006.jpg
armor 007.jpg
and that is it till i make time to get the cover made up ...
unless i get bored and sell it :meh:
armor 008.jpg
armor 009.jpg
armor 010.jpg

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