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The last post has degraded into chit chat. If you are interested, or would like more information, the best bet is to PM me or send an email.

** This vehicle is currently only a roller. Enough interest has been shown, that we will work on finishing it up in November, unless someone wants it as is. please note that it's currently the equivalent to a "parts' vehicle, although the title is clean and normal status. As it is unfinished, depending on your jurisdiction, you may be able to import it as parts, and not as a full vehicle. The ORIGINAL 1990 1FZ engine is available for this if needed for EPA, or other such usages, but it is wired as a diesel vehicle.****

*** Please consider your local restrictions before buying or arranging purchase. ***

As a way to get our other stuff out the door, we've swapped a complete, new 79 series cab/ box onto a 1990 80 series LHD frame, with a clean 1990 title. In Canada, this vehicle has been inspected and certified as a modified vehicle and is completely above board.

All parts nicely cut on our new plasma table, welded by our ticketed, CWB registered welders, and built by our Red Seal Licensed Mechanics.

This can be further completed for extra at your cost. At this time, we are finishing off some modifications to the fender inners, but afterwards, it's ready to roll out the door.


- All new ARB springs, shocks and bushings all around, c/w camber adjust kit
- All new Senkei 555 tie rods
- front and rear axles rebuilt, 4:10 ratio, currently open diff
- used interior from 2016, grey colour, new style dashboard, has HVAC box, vents, etc. Consider it complete minus gauges at this moment.
- cab from 2017 model year, has never been on the road/ no rust, etc. Doors depicted are not the right ones, so these will be swapped with other new doors
- new OEM, E code headlights/ grille/ plastics
- All new OEM body mounts
- OEM brake master/ booster/ lines
- Used wiring harness installed (new style)
- Good 32" tires and rims, BFG KO2
- factory snorkel installed
- New matched keys and locks/ ignition cylinder
- All new CNC cut mounts/ brackets
- Frame painted with CPC industrial coating
- lots of other goodies already installed, such as clutch master/ piping, fuel lines, etc

$27500 USD plus shipping as a roller with the parts as above. This includes the paperwork and preparations for transport. Compare against other inferior hack job offerings for $25k elsewhere for a non-regied example of a similar model. Just add engine and driveline, plumb it up and go.

$45,000 USD as a completed, ready to drive away Cruiser with a good, low km, JDM 1HZ that has been rebuilt, with a 6 month warranty. Will be a combination of new parts and good condition used.

$68,000 USD as a completed, ready to drive away Cruiser with a totally factory new 1HZ engine, tranny, t case, driveline, suspension, wiring and interior. it's basically a brand new truck at that point with an older frame.

Full battery EV option available as well. PM only to discuss.

Options available as extra:
- Diff locks
- changed gear ratios
- Turbo kit
- Intercooler
- stock or 3" stainless exhaust
- Factory A/C system
- New, zero mile interior
- Airbags/ Traction control
- 5 speed or autos,
- 100% complete, roll out the door ready.

PM or message for more information or to purchase.
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