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Dec 20, 2016
Vinton, VA
United States
I can’t help but think that this is one of those moments that I will look back on and go “damn, I really shouldn’t have sold that thing” but for me, at this time, it’s the right move. Money is tight and the house needs work so it’s time to let my beloved hunk of Japanese steel go to a good home. I think I should start by saying that this car needs to go to someone who appreciates what it is and understands that it will need to be tinkered with on a semi regular basis. Anyone reading this right now who is looking for a maintenance free daily driver needs to close this tab right now and start searching craigslist for a Honda. This cruiser just turned 30 this year and has almost 214000 miles on the clock so if you think you’re going to just jump in and head for California, even though this thing has never let me down EVER, it’s probably not ready for such an adventure at the moment.

With the disclaimer done, let’s get into the meat of er.

I bought this 1988 Toyota FJ62 Land Cruiser from a cool cat named Brian in Daleville, VA about 3 years ago. He was a super nice, genuine guy who was very honest and forthcoming with the good and bad aspects of the vehicle and to honor the kindness with which I was treated, I will do my best to be as honest and transparent as I can be in my description.

The Interior: The interior of the truck is in great shape for being 30 years old and cloth.

- Seat upholstery is perfect aside from a heavily worn part on the drivers side seat, (the part you slide on every day when you’re getting in and out).

- Door panels are in excellent condition.

- Dash is flawless with the exception of a few cracks and a piece of Velcro from something in the past.

- Instrument panel and cluster works perfectly and has a properly installed with soldered connections Pioneer MVH-X580BS head unit with two kicker 6” two channel speakers in the back compartment and the stock speakers in the front door and dash, none of which are blown.

- Carpet is in fair condition, could use a deep clean or replaced all together.

- Headliner is PERFECT

- All electric window controls work flawlessly

- Automatic trans gear selector has some play but functions without issue

The Exterior:

- Factory base coat red is in good shape

- Clear coat is peeling or nonexistent in several places

- Looks like the front end was resprayed, possibly due to a front end fender bender, and clear coated poorly

- There is rust in both rear fender wells, quite a bit more on the driver’s side than the passenger’s side. I wire brushed the worst spots a year ago and sprayed them (with what I admit is a rather poor and rushed masking job) with rustoleum rust reformer metal primer.

- There is a scuff mark on the front left corner from a slight altercation with a black metal gate while leaving my ex-girlfriend’s house, no denting or paint removal, just paint transfer.

- Some chrome plating is coming off the driver’s side headlight bezel

- A bit of rust is developing around the bottom left corner of the rear window but is still in its early stages

- Some rust has developed on the rear tailgate “Toyota” chrome center trim piece

- Numerous other small dents, dings, scratches or small rust spots to be expected from a 30 year old car that was not always garage kept.

- All body panels are super straight with no dents bigger than a dime anywhere to be seen.

- All windows and windshield are in good condition with no nicks, scratches or cracks

- Window and door trim is a bit wonky in places

- All Toyota badges, emblems and chrome trim are present and accounted for

- The 15”Pacer wheels are in good condition with some minor rust and pitting, can easily be polished

- Knobby 31x10.5x15 Mud Claw Extreme M/T tires make a bit of noise going down the road but have at least 70% life left in them, bought new and mounted two years ago.

- Stickers are free


- 3fe 4.0L Straight 6 Fuel Injected engine is original to the car and runs pretty well

o Smokes a bit on startup

o Idles a little rough once warm, doesn’t sound mechanical, sounds ignition related

o New spark plugs

o Oil and filter change 2k miles ago

o Probably has about 80% of the power it had since new

o Previous, previous owner fitted an aftermarket, vacuum operated cruise control module that is still there but does not function

o Smog system is still fitted

o New alternator

o New belts

o New tensioner pulley

o New water temp sensor

o New radiator hoses

o New radiator cap

o New gas cap

o A/C system has been removed to simplify things, still have all original parts

- Suspension creaks a little going around corners and bumps, probably needs bushings in various places

- Rusty exhaust basically fell apart last year so I fabricated a new one from the headers to the tail pipe. As there were minimal parts available for this thing, I made most of it from scratch but I have been a welder professionally for almost 10 years so it is done right. Feel free to examine it yourself and chime in about how your uncle is a welder and you know better. Also has no catalytic converter which will need to be added if you wish to have it inspected in Virginia.

- Brakes probably need to be serviced (which is why I have all the parts to do so). I haven’t pulled the wheels off to examine the condition of the brakes in the whole time I’ve owned it (I know I’m irresponsible) but the previous owner was very trustworthy and they felt and still feel good so sue me.

- Original automatic transmission was rebuilt less than 3000 miles ago and shifts beautifully, I have all receipts.

- Wheel wobbles a bit (and I mean barely) around 45 mph, likely due to bushings being worn.

- Front and rear axles have quite a bit of residue built up from what I can only assume is leaking seals and gaskets, which is why I’ve purchased front knuckle and rear axle rebuild kits from Martin Crawler and will be included.

- Doors and windows function as intended, all power windows work, some are a bit slow but why are you in a hurry?

- The manual locking hubs and four wheel drive system functions flawlessly and is one of the most formidable 4wd systems I’ve ever operated. This thing will simply NOT get stuck anywhere.

- Hood latch sticks a little but opens first time every time once you pull up on the hood.

- It has a separate heater core under the center console for the passenger compartment. The hardlines underneath going to this separate heater core are pretty rusty but included with the sale are brand new hard lines and all the hoses and clamps needed to complete the repair. Nothing leaks at this time.

- The parking brake either sticks a bit or the sensor is bad, either way, the brake light that is normally illuminated on the dash when the parking brake is applied is always lit but the vehicle experiences no apparent drag from the wheels when being driven. I’m sure it’s just a matter of pulling the brakes apart and lubing up the right mechanisms, possibly replacing the cables. Common problem for both FJ60s and FJ80s.

Parts included with the sale:

- Chrome OEM Alloy wheels

- New rear heater core piping and hoses

- New Front drilled and slotted brake rotors and ceramic pads

- New rear brake drums, shoes and hardware

- Front burfield knuckle rebuild kit from Martin Crawler

- Rear axle service kit from Martin Crawler

- New A/C belt tensioner

- New water pump

- Various trim panels, access panels, window trim, and misc new OEM fastener

- The fourth mud flap

- Used rear hatch gas shocks

- Some wipers

- Stock Steering Wheel

- All the original A/C hardware

o Compressor

o Condenser

o Dryer

o Hoses

o Belts

o Pulleys

I think that’s all I have at this time. Im sure I forgot a few things. As I said, my intention was to be very transparent with this description. Overall, the truck is in very good condition and most of the things listed above are nitpicks. Mechanically and cosmetically the vehicle is probably a 7/10. Thanks for taking the time to check out this ad, I wish things were different because I have been fantasizing about a restoration ever since I’ve owned this rig but it’s just not a good time for me and rather than have it sit and rot, I want it to go to someone who will continue to love it has I have.

Full ad here:
1988 Toyota FJ62 Land Cruiser

Asking $9000, pretty firm at the moment.

Thanks for looking, for questions and comments please call or text five40-three14-zero800.





Dec 20, 2016
Vinton, VA
Okay, so I realize that my asking price is probably a bit high so roast me! I'm genuinely looking for advice on what you all think this rig and included parts is worth. I'm located in Virginia. Thanks for any and all insight.

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