1982 fj45 for sale lwb 1982 1 o1 in north america

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United States
Beautiful restoredLHD 1982 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ45
Stock original propane and gas
1982 VIN #, registered and legally imported into British Columbia
original 1 ton towing system with hitch (EVEN HAS THE PROPER toyota badge from factory)


This unique, very rare and stylish left-hand drive FJ45 is in mint condition and is one of the cleanest you will ever see.
Rebuilt 2F gasoline engine, 4 speed trans, front disc brakes, brand new aqualu box and tail gate. NO RUST, 126 000 kms on vehicle, was stored for almost 10yrs in a heated garage in Holland(after its journey from Iraq)
The restoration started with a rare military-edition LHD cruiser sourced from Iraq(gulf war). The cruiser has a (rebuilt) 2F engine and the original 4 speed transmission. The transmission can easily be upgraded to 5 speed on request. Cruiser has British Columbia, Canada registration, fully importable to USA.
I have not seen a cleaner FJ45 original frame.

New water pump
New battery
5 original land cruiser wheels
Aqualu box and tailgate
toyota front disc brake's
original seats
original full floater rear axle!!!

I am selling because I have purchased another fj45 and do not have the time for both. This fj45 is 1 of 1 in North America, it is original PROPANE and GAS, Canada/USA did not receive any 1982's fj45s. I have pretty much taken it to stage 2 of restoration, the fire wall and engine bay are primed and painted, as is the bizel/grill. I am leaving the new $5000 box and tailgate bare aluminum or I will continue the tan original paint and charge more for the cruiser.

Everything works as it should, including gauges and lights, Transmission shifts crisply and the steering is tight as can be.
This FJ45 is in show-room condition. FJ45's in this condition are very, very rare. This is a stylish collector item, but like all land cruisers also rugged and very drivable.
Email me at jordanrich@hotmail.com for any additional info you may require. Be sure to include your email address so I can contact you. If you are serious about this vehicle, send me your phone # or call me anytime at (604) 905 8062 You are buying from a FJ and BJ fanatic, not some used car dealership. If you have specific questions or needs please ask. Bidders with zero or negative feedback on eBay motors, please contact me by phone before bidding. Otherwise I reserve the right to cancel your bid. I felt that a vehicle as rare and unique as this Land Cruiser would only be able to find its deserving owner among the huge number of serious eBay bidders. A worldwide auction is necessary to do this classic vehicle justice. The vehicle is available for viewing in Whistler/Pemberton, British Columbia.

I am open to serious offers, I can send pics on request as well as references if need be.
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You gotta post a price!!!!
$30 000 It is by far the rarest fj45 in NORTH AMERICA, original propane/gas no rust on frame

I have 19000 into it when I purchased it 3 months ago, then spent 3000 on toyota fj45 axle/front disc swap, 5000 box/shipping/install, 1500 rebuilt engine/with headers, new exhaust, battery, tune, etc....

Open to small trades as well

The cab corners seem to have been cut off...or is it my imagination
30k and no original matching bed..... Tmack sold the 77 Fj45 for 20k and it was perfect!!!!! Are we missing something????
the fj45 is 1 of 1 in north america unless there is another 82/83 out there hiding???. It is ORIGINAL PROPANE/gas therefore I was told in 82/83 they chopped the ends for the propane hookup and because they were always getting damaged. I am 99% sure this is factory. I apologize if I am in correct. It looks way way to clean to be tampered with. the curves must be ORIGINAL in my opinion,

I guess its personal preference with the original steel box or aqualu. I guess from a salty bc climate where I come from there is absolutly nothing better than a aluminum box over a heavy steel. Dont get me wrong the steel has very clean lines. The aqualu box is a 2009 model( I am also pretty sure its much cleaner than the 1s that came from 04-07.

If some1 would rather the steel box I could arrange that as well. I just thought it looks 10x better showing that there is no bondo hiding,

I can send much more detailed pics of the curve in the rear cabs if any1 is interested. As for Tmacks fj45 it was nice actually very very nice, but good luck trying to find another LHD fj45 1982 NOT POSSIBLE

The cab corners seem to have been cut off...or is it my imagination
30k and no original matching bed..... Tmack sold the 77 Fj45 for 20k and it was perfect!!!!! Are we missing something????

I don't think your missing anything...
wow, mannn am I ever let down ENIGMA, I said LHD!!!! I also have a fully restored RHD 1982 fj45 green in coulor sitting in my garage, I will repeat myself 1 more time LHD 1982 lwb FACTORY PROPANE/GAS, IT is probably 1 of 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. I never worked at the toyota plants in the early 80,s but I do know my stats, so thanks for the polite comment. My fj45 has some rare stuff that I have never yet seen on any 45 lhd, 1 is the tag by toyota on the rear bumper, stating its capacity and towing stats and badge #. The 2nd is that it had the 79-81 dash instead of the 1984 canadian/japan style dash. Very strange cause my RHD 1982 has the newer style dash. I would love to see another LHD 82 fj45 so I can see exactly what came factory and what was adjusted by the original owner. Its pretty tough for any North America land cruiser fan/addict/cruiser head to make comments about this unique ride when they dont have another 82 LHD to compare to. Would love more info on my cruiser if any1 can help.
there is also a few other points to mention, on my original 1982 fj45 frame, there is proper toyota bolts and places for the bolts to go on the frame that holds the entire plumping for the propane feed. I guess this is gonna get alot of feed back with comments saying its not original, so I guess I will take some more detailed pics and post them up when I get a chance. I have taken to propane tank out of the box because it is a eye sore and takes up to much room, it is stored properly for the sale.
brand new clutch was installed this week, original was getting tired at 120 000kms.

recent master brake cly, found the original toyota 82 style with the proper pressure valve( for the toyota front disc brakes I installed)
tow hitch badge and tail gate

original stock toyota tow system, aqualu tailgate
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I'm just throwing this out there, if it's chat .....mods delete

it looks like the spare tire crossmember, has been cut and re-wlded, and judging from the pic without the bed, not very well.

also, where would the taillights go??
Can I see pics of the Toyota tag you mentioned as well as the original bed you mentioned? I'll be out for the Olympics next winter... if this is still available maybe I should drive it home!
I will add pics with the proper lights that I installed, I am restoring the original box for another project( but can swap if some1 would rather the original( god knows y) the box I have is god dammmm gorgeous and the nicest I HAVE YET TO SEEN. I will also post pics of the rear cross member that evey1 is pointing out. I have researched that weld where the rear spare tire sits and covers that bad weld. When we had the box removed, we could completely see if the weld was broken or just not properly cleaned/grounded down. I have 4 fj45s and all very rare in my mind. I own a 1982 RHD fj45 as well and the 2 have many different features. I thought all u mud fans out there would appreciate this rare 1982 fj45. maybe the price I posted was lame, but cash talks and I am open to offers. The cruiser was hardly used in Iraq and was always maintained properly. It has a very unique history and most cruisers dont get a chance to travel around the entire world.

I will try and post a better picture of the original toyota bagde/tag but attached in this discussion is the pic showing the badge quite well. Just not zoomed in.

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