For Sale 1980s repair manuals - FJ60 or FJ40

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Nov 6, 2006
United States
Manuals I have around and am cleaning out before the new year. $40 shipped within continental US takes all - I will not break up the set. Paypal preferred payment option. All are in good condition, minor dog earing, but no grease stains or other visible damage.

1) 1985 owner's guide - not useful but cool to have
2) 2F engine repair manual Aug., 1980, pub no. 36104E
3) Land Cruiser Repair Manual - Chassis & Body Aug., 1980 pub no. 36044E
4) Maintenance Procedures 1985 models Land Cruiser pub no. 36788A
5) Electrical Wiring Diagram 1983 models Truck, Land Cruiser (40), Land Cruiser (60) pub no. 36679A
6) 2F Engine Emission Control Repair Manual 1981 model pub no. 36043


lc manuals.jpg
I will take them, let me know method of payment
OK, I didn't see the paypal part, no problem, email for paypal?
PM Sent
Here is the first part, this is for the 40's series

They were scanned in 8.5 x 11 setting and still not big enough, you will have to print and tape together each set


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The second part, hope it helps


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