1980 Body Mount Kit

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Go to Energy Suspension website and confirm, may even be cheaper. Bought my suspension bushings direct and saved a little.
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Energy suspension is the only manufacturer for these other than OEM.

The second link shows the actual kit the Amazon image is wrong. Do a search, there are some fitment issues with this kit, but it works OK. I installed this on my 79 a couple months back.
Thanks. I read a couple threads and noticed the issues, from the wrong kit, missing pieces, to ill fitment. If this is ithttps://www.energysuspensionparts.com/kt04007bk I will order. I will go back through your build thread to see how you solved the problems. Thanks
I didn't document how I did it in my thread. But there this thread. It says Daystar but it's all the same kit (above links have the same part number). I mixed around the mounts and used a Dremel on a couple of them. If you get it and have questions PM me.

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