SOLD 1967 FJ40 Original Yosemite Yellow Paint, Great Patina

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Vehicle Model
  1. 40 Series
United States
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1967 FJ40 in very rare Yosemite Yellow. $12,000

Short version:
1967 FJ40 Yosemite Yellow
- Original paint, survivor
- on the east coast already
- Small block Chevy conversion
- 3 on the floor, vacuum 4wd

Included with the sale
- Complete front and rear cruiser corps corral seat cover set
- New dual circuit MC to upgrade brake system
- Headliner
- OEM side and corner glass spares
- Jack and tool kit

Long version.
1967 Yosemite Yellow FJ40
I've never seen another one. This was a long-time one owner truck, originally in California and then moved to Idaho. Sold in 2018 in Idaho. It ended up being trucked out from Idaho to Maine in an enclosed trailer. I picked it up in Maine and brought it to my house in Bar Harbor. So, 3 owners since the original owner, but maybe 100 miles total since then. The prior owner and I both had fallen in love with the Patina on this rig. My plan was for the full @wngrog patina preservation and full mechanical refresh treatment. Unfortunately, there's just too much on my plate now. I'd like to pass the truck along to someone else who can appreciate the originality and wants to keep the patina preserved.


This truck is really all about the original, very rare paint. Last registered in 1995 in Idaho, the owner used it on his ranch to drive around and shoot coyotes. It has tales to tell in various scatches and scuffs, but isn't a rusted out pile. Small amount of rust on the rear sill, where they all get it, but otherwise dry and clean. I think it's the perfect balance of recoverable original paint and honest aging.


It's had a small block chevy conversion. Done by the original owner, it's a 73 350 and when looking up the code it says "police". So, cop motor in a patina rig. Still has the original 3 speed converted to floor shift, original vacuum shift 4wd. I believe it is an old Downey conversion. Dual exhaust.


Good or bad? Bad for originality, but good if you want to modify it. My take was a truly original truck, motor and paint, you really can't alter it in good conscience. But this one, already done, can get any sort of mechanical upgrade guilt free. Or, take it back to all Toyota. There's a nice F135 drivetrain down the road a bit in Maine.

There is an aftermarket aux fuel tank in the rear with mechanical switching on the dash. Second fuel inlet passenger rear.

The truck runs, but not well currently. Carb has an auto choke that isn't working. Needs a carb rebuild or swap out. Doesn't smoke. 4wd works, brakes work. Here is a you tube video of it running, as well as a walk around, when it was purchased from the original owner. Original Purchase Video

It will need to be towed home and will need some refreshing to be a driver.

Interior is in good shape. Seats have been recovered in the past. I have a complete set of cruiser corps front and jump seat corral covers that go with the truck.




Clean underneath, awaiting some fluid film.

Over 200 more pictures from every angle I could manage at this link

I have a shipper locally to help get it to a new home. Some trucks don't want to come up this far. Happy to help you load it on your trailer. Make it a vacation in Bar Harbor, visit Acadia National Park while picking up your new winter project.

Trades always considered. I also have a bunch of parts gathered for the work I had planned to do, available for additional $ if desired. AA SBC adapter to 4 speed, downey clutch set up, uncut trans tunnel. I even have a valley hybrids rebuilt H42, split with 3:1 gears and OEM drum brake if you wanted to go all in on it.
Love the Patina and color!
thanks for posting! I believe I have found my color as well... Yosemite Yellow.. I've been trying to confirm the color of my '75 BJ40 since i got it. And while Yoesemite Yellow wasn't a color offered in the US in 1975, your pics are incredibly close to what mine is. Maybe it was a color offered that late in Costa Rica. GLWS
Look close, same truck! That was the sale when it was originally found out in Idaho. I actually linked to the video in that post as it shows the truck running better than it does now (carb hasn't liked sitting). I actually shamelessly stole one of the pics for my own ad as it positioned the truck better than I did.
that's funny, totally missed that but thought how close the paint was
@74bigred K-529 is the color code listed in a couple of different places for Yosemite Yellow.
Sold. Well, traded actually. More to follow, but bottom line she's heading to a very good home.

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