1966 FJ45LV For Sale

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Jun 5, 2004
Lakewood, CO
United States
Well.....as most of you on here know how much I love my LV project, however, I'm being forced to sell it to make room in my life for more important things.

Our lease is up on the end of April....so I need this sold rather quickly. With our new baby girl soon to be arriving in August, moving into our new home by 4/30/08....and a start-up business that is needing to be attended to....I just can't keep the project.

Here goes:

1966 FJ45LV currently body-off on a rotisserie. (rotisserie included) Body is sandblasted in and out (top and sides done, just not the bottom)

Completed frame and axles assembled and ready....they were sandblasted and then painted with PPG industrial coatings, Jet Black.

Have all the interior: seats, doors, glass, NEW headliner, NEW RED interior for front & back seats, along with red door liners....they look awesome! Doors in incredible shape.

Exterior on the body is needing new sheet metal around the rear corners and ribbing (you all know what that is)....and the under-rear door sill.

It will need a new drive-train....as the F motor was trashed and the 2F that I got with it when purchased....was a boat anchor!

You'll also need front fenders.

You'll get a whole TON of LV parts. Extra lights, door hinges, EVERYTHING I have is going with this.

I need to sell it to someone who's going to complete the restoration, not chop/cut it into a crawler.

Location: Highlands Ranch, CO (DENVER)
Price: $7500.00 OBO

I'll even consider delivering it. Feel free to call anytime @ 720-320-8207 Pictures can be seen on my build-up thread in my signature line. I'll post some current ones when I get a chance.

I've seen this vehicle. If I had any spare money or space in the shop I'd jump on it. The body is really, really straight. Easily more straight than my '76 HJ.

The bodywork that it needs really isn't bad at all (couple days work if you work fast).

I tried to justify buying it myself, tried to talk my Dad into buying it, and when that failed tried to convince my Mom that she needed an LV. :) No dice. :(

Jeff: call if you need a hand with the move, truck or anything.

Do I need to bump myself here???? Sheesh!

Come on guys......OBO!!!
For all the PMs I've received.....here are some current pics of the chassis, body and doors.

Thanks again for the interest!!
More :)
More for the interested!
More door pics for those who need 4 - door wagons.....not pickups :)
Here's the body.....that goes with the doors for sale! :)

Sorry for the low-quality floor pic! Saved it as a BMP and had to convert it.....cameras not liking me today!!
Driver side floorpan.GIF
Inside from driver side.JPG
Rear Rotiserie angled.JPG
Don't know if this has sold yet or not, but if anyone thinks they might be interested in this LV, give Jeff a call.

It looks like a great deal on this vehicle and it comes with lots of extras already, including some very hard to find items.

I wanted this truck, but can't make it work for me right now. In talking to him, he seems to be a very motivated seller.
Jeff, did you sell?

I've had a TON of interest from other 'Mudders....however, no deals have been made (yet).

I've got a local guy interested, but haven't heard from him this week.

I've replied to all of the PMs and returned all calls on it....so make me an offer I can't refuse :)

All PMs have been replied to :)

I'll take your $6500 offer if we can close the deal by end of the week.
Bump again for Jeff!

$6500 (I think $7500 would be too) for this is a smoking deal. And I say that having never seen the frame. The body really is in fantastic shape.

Help Jeff out! As much as I know it hurts him to sell it, it's the right thing to do. If I had the space in the shop or any money in my bank--this thread would be history.

Thanks you guys for the 'bumpedy bump'!

Yep....house, wife, kiddo kooker.....and new job , can't even finish the FJ40 project with my schedule right now.

Thanks for keeping this on the top of the list!
Hermits still need more LV :) Have some LUVVVVVV!! Buy My LV :)
Come on now.....Best offer! Make me an offer I can't refuse.....or one I'll have to seriously think on for a minute! :)

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