1. Jackal301

    SOLD  Phoenix, AZ: Yukon Grizzly Locker 9.5"

    For sale: Yukon Grizzly Mechanical Locker for a 9.5" Toyota Diff. Lightly used from my 80 series, maybe 15k miles on it. Never wheeled hard. It worked great prior to me pulling it. Selling because I got a Harrop E Locker installed by Zuk instead. Included are the Timken carrier bearings and...
  2. Wookie95

    Wanted  YUKON gears 4:88 for REAR third member on 80 series

    Moved to big boy tires and need to gear the rear. I have already purchased front locker with Yukon 4:88 and need a set for the rear.
  3. PAToyota

    GM  1994 GMC Yukon 2-Door SLE 6.5TD Updates

    I tore things apart to work on updating the interior of my Yukon - recovering the headliner, putting in sound mat, new carpet, and other upgrades. To start, I found a pair of GMT-800 bucket seats for a good price and made up brackets out of TS2x4x1/8 to mount them. The brackets mount to the...
  4. D

    Lockers ARB a different Prespective

    Please don't comment about something that you heard or be dismissive. ARB took a swing a Yukon Zip Locker in 2009...Why punch down? The Yukon Zip Locker Broke at 6671 Ft pounds of torque. I know that Yukon builds a good product and I am fine with the video. ARB Engineers state the the...
  5. M

    South Western Ontario Aiming For The Yukon

    To celebrate Canada's 150th a buddy and I are Jeeping from South Western Ontario aiming for the Yukon. Don't know how far we will get but as the bikers like to say, "It is the journey not the destination". Although in this case the destination does have some importance. The plan is to leave On...
  6. 4xsteve

    Setting up your own gears on an 8" diff

    I've been setting up my own gears for a long time now (infrequently) and just ran into a few industry changes that caught me off guard (specifically Yukon Gear, but others are likely the same). Hopefully I can save "the next guy" some trouble by putting this out for anyone that doesn't already...
  7. Patty Whack

    Yukon Gear and Febest axle parts

    Anybody use either of these brands? gotta do some axle work and may have to buy some parts amazon style, as its pretty hard to get what i need here. Plus the OEM stuff is hyper expensive, if i can get it. Standard freight shipping from the mainland for parts can be more than the parts. If...
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