white knuckle

  1. M

    For Sale  PA: 2006 Landcruiser, Southern Truck, 192k, OME, WKO and Trail Tailor Goodies **SOLD**

    I'm regretfully parting ways with my 2006 LC. I bought this rig late last summer as a secondary family/adventure vehicle. I've loved every minute of it but, having recently relocated my family, we're needing something smaller and more economical. This particular Landcruiser has spent the...
  2. phi1osopher

    Photos of White Knuckle rock slider install on my '99 LC

    My White Knuckle rock sliders arrived in today's mail. It took me less than 30 minutes to unbox and install them. They arrived quickly and packaged well via FedEx. Installing them was actually enjoyable: they're a perfect fit with genuinely solid construction, great looking welds, and the...
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