water leak

  1. mulchiro

    1991 water leaking under dash

    I have been trying to diagnose the water leak under my dash for the last couple of weeks as it has been raining the most socal has seen in years. I have searched and found countless threads talking about clogged sunroof drains and leaky windshields. I have a 91 without a sunroof and my...
  2. Rimmeh

    I just wanted to seal a leak... (front fender removal, please help)

    Some time ago, I noticed that my front floor boards would get soaked after a heavy rain. Unlike stories I've heard here, mine wasn't due to a leak in the windshield gasket - after investigating with a garden hose, I found that water would enter when applied near the A-pillar/hood/fender gap...
  3. 1

    Water Leak -- Appears to be through C-Pillar (behind rear seat)

    Help! I have water in the cabin floor along side the left rear seat. It appears to be running down the C pillar and dumping out just before the interior step pad next to the rear seat. The water is then running down along the door jamb to the driver's seat. Water is no longer coming in...
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