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  1. dodored

    SOLD  OEM rear step for FJ40 1972

    Looking for original bolt on rear step for my 1972 FJ40. Let me know what you have and shipping to 28027. Thanks Curt
  2. T

    Wanted  Drivers seat

    Used drivers seat for 1972 fj40 with 60/40 seats. Need drivers side only.
  3. Stahler61

    Wanted  DOOR PANELS for Silver/Grey 87 FJ60

    I came into a very sweet deal on an 87 FJ60 with a need for some body love and interior work. Finding the door panels for this hog is definitely a challenge. If you've got 'em, I want 'em!
  4. 88IslandCruiser

    Wanted  '88 FJ62 3FE idle air control valve OEM 22270-61010 WA, USA

    My idle air control valve is shot. Need a working replacement. Looking for new or used. Only thing I could find is Duralast AC4036 which seems to be the exact replacement at $400+. Hoping to find something cheaper.
  5. W

    Wanted  FJ40 double Steering arm

    I have a 78 FJ40 SOA shackle reversal Just did spring reversal and pit man arm rubs spring. need one with at least 3 inches between holes. Spearfish SD
  6. K

    Wanted  Windshield for 1968

    Anyone have good windshield for 68. 40
  7. K

    Wanted  wanted

    Factory 1969 wheels or even remanufactured fj40
  8. K

    Wanted  wanted 3/4 tub 1969 fj40

    I need a tub for my 1968/1969 fj40. I have been cutting and welding on mine and the deeper I get the worse it is. Don't mind a little rough but no rust buckets. Thanks
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