1. ollanik

    For Sale Long troop seats - Tucson AZ

    For sale: FJ40 rear seats in great condition. One of the fabric clasps is missing. $450.00
  2. ARJMN

    CSC Tucson November 4th Trail Run - Chimney Rock

    All and Yall, As voted on by the masses, the trail run will be Chimney Rock on Saturday, November 4th. We will rally up at the Circle K there on East Tangue Verde Road at 9:00am. There we can fuel up and stage for the trail, and sir down if everyone is comfortable driving the couple miles...
  3. dpr64

    MUDShip Delete please

  4. BulletHead

    Need some help in Tucson

    I hope someone can help. I recently just purchased a BJ75 in Tucson area from a couple but they are moving Sunday 3/19 and I have some transport companies getting me quotes but if I am unable to get a truck to pickup on or before 3/19 then I will need to keep it somewhere in Tucson until the...
  5. wildling

    For Sale 1981 BJ42 RHD Tucson

    No Affiliation, just wanted to share the craigslist ad: FJ40 Looks like its a super rare j42 style and includes the trailer. Unfortunately, not photos of the interior or engine bay. I actually saw this rig driving around town last week towing the trailer and it was glorious! Looked great from...
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