1. Krondor

    FJ40 Titling a Vehicle in South Carolina (out of state purchase)

    Hey guys, I have a tricky question and I am not sure where to start. I purchased an FJ40, non-running, from a guy in the state of Georgia. I received State of Georgia bill of sale signed by the previous owner. That bill of sale was not notarized. I live in South Carolina and am looking to...
  2. sigorama

    For Sale 1984 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ60, Title and Vin Plates

    I have a clean Colorado title and both the door and engine vin plates for sale from a 1984 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ60 $300. PM me for more info
  3. Bripars40

    For Sale 1971 FJ40 Frame, Body, and Title

    SOLD I am selling a frame, body and title from a 1971 FJ40. It was a former off road rig. It would make for a good starter platform for a rig but definitely not something to restore. I'm asking $700 for the bare frame, bare body and the title. For an additional $500 you can keep the metal...
  4. wngrog

    For Sale Jan 1976 Frame/Cowl with clear TN Title

    Cowl and Frame for 1976 FJ40. Comes with a clear title from Tennessee last updated in 2007 and tub and engine plates. $350 Pickup only on Frame and Cowl shipping available on the other items. Please contact me via PM Link to other items that were removed but may also be available. Some...
  5. bparker

    For Sale SOLD 1965 FJ45 LWB for Restoration, Title in Hand, Texas

    Clean title in hand Long Wide Bed, Early Version Needs floor and cab work Front end, Cowl, Dash, and Bed are all in good shape Frame and drivetrain is all there numbers match Asking $9500 or closest offer I don't know what it's worth, but I'm having a very hard time listing it for sale. I've...
  6. J

    For Sale 1978 FJ55 for sale...runs, drives, with title and tags through August 2017...

    Howdy all. I am helping a family friend sell his 1978 FJ55 Piggy. He is 17 and this is the first rebuild/project vehicle for him, but after a year and a half (as well as an accident), he is ready to move into something a little more manageable for his lifestyle as a working student. He and...
  7. A

    Need salvage title advice

    Recently I was rear ended in what was deemed to be a total loss situation for my 94 80 series with 236k on the clock. The damage isn't that bad and the truck is still 100% drive able. The rear bumper cross member is caved in and the horns are a bit bent, especially the right side but I think I...
  8. tugcapt1

    Texas rebuilt-slavaged title and transferring to Ohio

    HI, I'm looking at buying a fj40 in Texas that has a rebuilt salvaged title and was wondering if I would have any problems titling it in OH? Thanks
  9. K

    Question about VIN/Title search

    I did a VIN search on a 75 FJ40 i'm going to look at today. The first title it shows in 1992 in Washington. Does that mean it's an import? Can't figure out why there isn't any previous title info. Thanks all
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