1. F

    For Sale M-416 trailer

    Looking to trade my m-416 trailer with Thule adjustable rack for a rear bumper with tire swing out and platform style roof rack w/ gutter mount hardware included that will fit 97 80 series. The trailer is a mid 60s with title. Frame and tub are in decent condition with one area of pretty good...
  2. fj40z

    For Sale Thule fit kit for 100 series

    100 series Thule fit kit 223. Leftover from my last 100, I bought them off mud for$50 and never got around to using them. These are the parts that fit in the roof channel, they work with the Thule 400xt towers. $50 plus shipping.
  3. ColdWaterSteve

    For Sale SOLD 8 THULE 387 rack feet (gutter mount) with 8 keyed alike locks

    I bought this rack set up with the intention of getting an 80 series. I ended up with a 100 series (love the V-8). These are for rain gutters. New in original packages. THULE 387 high foot - 8 units (4 bars) with 8 keyed alike locks. Build a solid base for lights, tents, expedition trays... Best...
  4. a_traut_man

    For Sale Yakima Q Towers and Load Bars - $130 - Austin TX

    Have two yakima 58" load bars and the four associated q towers for sale in austin texas. no end caps or fit kit need them gone. Full set up would cost about $325 new and these aren't new. Asking about $130 from a mudder. Also have an older yakima ski mount for sale... or if you pay the 130...
  5. P

    For Sale Thule MOAB<"Extension" (18" I think)

    I only have one piece let, $55 plus $30 shipping in the usa..
  6. TurboTaco


    My GF bought me an extension for a THULE, but for a Canyon not a MOAB. Thus, I am asking if anyone has a MOAB Extension they'd like to let go to me. Let me know if you have one. My 100 series needs a fully extended rack.... Roof rack.
  7. CP in SC

    For Sale Thule Cargo Carrier

    Need to clean out and get rid of Cargo Carrier because its taking up too much room at Non-profit $250 Located 8 Lois Ave Greenville, SC 29611 Must pick up at Village Wrench location Tuesday 3-6pm, Thurs 3-6pm or saturday 10am-2pm The Village Wrench is a neighborhood effort to transform...
  8. F

    Wanted Thule 58 Load Bars

    Hey Mudders, Im looking for a set of 58 inch Thule Load Bars for the feet set I purchased - shipped to 38111. Thanks for your help.
  9. F

    Wanted Thule 300 Rain Gutter Roof Rack

    Dear Mudders, I'm trying to price a used Thule 300 raingutter roof rack with load bars. Does anyone have a set for pair sale or know of a good place to look other than ebay? Thanks for your help. Jon
  10. btbowie

    For Sale Parts From '98 (seats, running boards) and Thule rooftop gear. Virginia Beach, VA.

    Hey Everyone, I have some things I'd like to clear out of here, hopefully someone nearby might need one or more of these. I'll keep it as simple as possible, but I'm not 100% certain on what some of these go for, even with some research, so I'll just ballpark it. I'll be using the money to fix...
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