1. K

    OME springs installed and they are B/B

    ...and a week later the drivers side is noticeably lower.. Is this a case where they put the wrong spring in, or I should have done more research? The shop did all the ordering of the "parts I need" and installed them.
  2. newbielx470

    2000 LX470 side airbags already an option? (KBB says standard)

    I've read some posts on model year comparison and understand that the side torso airbags (seat-mounted) became standard since 2003, while they may or may not be available before that. I was checking on for value of 2000 model year, and noticed that the side airbags are selected by KBB by...
  3. P

    Wanted  LC1000- Driver side headlight and turn sygnal, They don't need to be perfect

    Is for a temporary fix so I can drive the truck Around until I have the means and the time to fix it Right... Thanks in advance.. Ricky
  4. S

    2014 fj wheels do they fit ??

    Searched and saw 2 different answers .Yes they do , No they don't. Saw a set with nice tires for sale Will they work on my 03 lx470??? Thanks for any help Stoby
  5. M

    Mystery boxes. Any idea what they are?

    After wanting one for a long time, I recently acquired a 1983 FJ60. I'm currently going through it, cleaning it up and fixiing some questionable wiring from the previous owner and found these. It has four of them, one inside each fender & quarter panel. There is a patent # listed but I couldn't...
  6. Zezima288

    FZJ80 Third Row Seats

    I am driving into an incredible deal on some FZJ80 3rd row leather seats on craigslist from a 1997 FZJ80, curiously, will they directly mount into an 1991 FJ80? I apologize if this has been asked already. I included an image of the seats for reference.
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