1. Deathvalleypaul

    One ton Chevy drag link and tie rod end conversion

    Has anyone else done this. I am in process, but cannot find a place to run steering stabilizer. I would appreciate advice from anyone else who HAS ACTUALLY DONE THIS. I do not wish to sacrifice the stabilizer. It doesn't seem feasible to run it to the tie rod either.
  2. 2001LC

    When & how to replace stabilizer bar, bushings, cushions & links (AKA sway bar)

    Would you say I waited to long to change my bushings! But link breaking is not the only reason why I say to long. I found not only did Link rust through, but I also removed a ~1/16" of rust off top & bottom of stabilizer bar recess that the cushions sets in. I then found the stabilizer bar...
  3. DVracing

    For Sale  New Slee 80 series drag link and tie rod, new OME steer stabilizer

    i have a brand new Slee tie rod SOF1322 and new drag link SOF1321. Both are brand new, had to build custom drag link so made a custom tie rod while I was at it. $100 each shipped conus I also have a new uninstalled OMESD24 steering stabilizer for 91-97 80 series. It came with the kit I ordered...
  4. KlausVanWinkle

    For Sale  98-07 Land Cruiser 100-series OEM Toyota Sway Bar/Stabilizer Links 4882060032 - Santa Monica , CA

    $30 Will Ship. For sale are a brand new set of OEM Toyota sway bar links for 100-series. I ordered these from Beno but sold my 100 before turning them into extended links. Will ship. Toyota Part Number: 4882060032 These are also for sale on eBay but I'd prefer to sell directly.
  5. Ggodard

    Which steering stabilizer???!!! ('74)

    Hi- Big favor: If someone could take a look at this page and tell me which steering stabilizer works for my 1974 FJ40? I have a friend coming to Guatemala, and he lives close to Naapa auto parts in MD. These are the choices...
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